The Palestinians and Jordanians: “Protecting” Holy Sites in Jerusalem

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UPDATES 7 pm Israel time Sunday:

The $3.9 billion dollar, 2013 PLO (aka Palestinian Authority) budget was signed and published in Ramallah yesterday.

Here are three categories of expenses:

28% for defense

16% for education

10% for health

Most of the rest of the budget is devoted to paying the salaries of the PLO’s bloated number of 145,000 “civil servants”.

In an interesting aside that shows the intertwining of the PLO with Hamas, the budget lists that 65,000 of these 145,000 “civil servants” are registered as “defense workers”. And 62,000 of these 65,000 “defense workers” live in Gaza

Stop and think about this for a moment. Think about the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Europeans, the U.S., Arab countries and others donate to the PLO in Ramallah. A healthy percentage of that money ends up being funneled to Hamas in Gaza.


Jews being "ethnically cleansed" from the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1948. This is what happened when Palestinians and Jordanians controlled Jerusalem's holy sites.

The irony could not have been more striking this afternoon. At almost precisely the same moment that the Palestinians announced that they had signed an agreement with Jordan “to protect the holy religious sites in Jerusalem”, six Palestinians were arrested on the Temple Mount after attacking Jews who had gone there to pray.

Of course, it is additionally ironic that neither the Palestinians nor the Jordanians have any control over anything in Jerusalem except for idiotic agreement that Moshe Dayan insisted on back in 1967 giving the Islamic Wakf control over who can visit the Temple Mount and when.

But let’s consider for a moment the idea of the Palestinians and Jordanians “protecting religious sites in Jerusalem”. Let’s go back to the one time in history when the Palestinians and Jordanians had control over Jerusalem’s Old City (1948-1967).

The Hurva synagogue in the Jewish Quarter--dynamited by the Jordanians and Palestinians--the same Jordanians and Palestinians who have just laughingly signed an agreement to protect holy sites in Jerusalem.

What happened then? Every single Jew was ethnically cleansed from the Old City, synagogues were dynamited and those left standing were used as animal pens, yeshivas were destroyed–and every Jewish site was desecrated.

The Palestinians and Jordanians will now protect holy sites in Jerusalem?

What a sad and pathetic joke.


While the “cleansing”, dynamiting, and destruction were taking place from 1948-1967, what did the world do? Absolutely nothing–not an action was taken nor was a syllable spoken to defend Jews or Jewish holy sites. 


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