Barak’s [Lack of] Response to Hamas Terrorism Revealed

UPDATE  7 pm Israel time Friday:

Massive unrest continues to sweep Judea and Samaria–and even the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem today with riots in Hebron, Bethlehem, Anata and elsewhere.


An amazing document has been leaked online this morning that was evidently passed from outgoing “Defense” Minister Ehud Barak to incoming Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. The document presents in detail what Barak’s orders have been to the IDF concerning how to react to the endless mortars and missiles coming out of Gaza.

Your humble servant will merely present the document today and will comment on it tomorrow, except to say that it completely verifies what this blog has been saying all along about the lack of IDF response to the terrorists in Gaza:

Terrorist EventArmy ResponseWhat IDF Tells the Media
Mortar or qassam hits empty space: no casualitiesIAF drops bomb on "smuggling tunnel" w/o verifying in people inside of not"Hamas cannot be expected to control every event in Gaza"
Mortar or qassam hits Sderot. Grad hits near Ashkelon. A few mortars/missiles hit "empty" spaces.IAF blows up empty weapons warehouses making sure no one is inside. "We will not go to extremes because that is what Hamas wants" (send in former IDF commanders in the south to praise the IDF)
Mortars/missiles cause injuries in Gaza region or to IDF soldiers close to the borderIDF attempts to kill a "mid-level" terrorist commander, IAF hits Hamas buildings--after verifying that no one is inside and that no important documents are inside."Hamas must be criticized; we will react to every hit without being bullies" (our limited reaction shows that we are in control)
More than 30 missiles hit southern Israel per dayIAF bombs empty buildings in Gaza, tries to cause "a lot of smoke", tries to hit two or three launchers everyday.Talk about what actions the IDF has taken, describe casualties inflicted on Hamas, provide pictures of drones and Iron Dome in action to media
Massive shooting of missiles in southern Israel; schools closedIDF tries to kill one Hamas leader, hits 3 to 4 launchers, blows up buildings to produce "a lot of smoke", threatens Hamas with ground invasion with reservists but starts negotiations with Hamas immediately so that ground invasion is not necessary Talk about "victory" (especially if small number of Israeli casualties); talk about frustration of Hamas because of Iron Dome; do not talk about involvement of Egyptians in negotiations







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