Intelligence Corps’ Unit 8200: Do you know someone who might want to join?

UPDATES 8 pm Israel time Sunday:

The battle against Palestinian terrorism never stops in Israel.

*This morning three senior Islamic Jihad terrorists were captured in Hebron by an undercover IDF unit.  

*This afternoon, the IDF military censor released for publication that a Hamas terrorist cell operating out of the Shuafat neighborhood of Jerusalem has been arrested for violence carried out on the Temple Mount back on March 8th. According to Israeli security personnel, this cell was responsible for the wounding of 9 Israeli police officers with “rocks” and Molotov cocktails.


As if having to worry about violent Palestinian attacks is not enough, Israel has been facing a massive cyber-attack all day today. Small businesses, government institutions, banks, and virtually every website based in Israel has been assaulted by the hacking group called “Anonymous.”

Some websites have gone down and others have been defaced, but generally, most sites have been unscathed. This has been in large part due to the government’s National Cyber Bureau which monitors such attacks and assists those attacked in defending themselves. 

Yitzhak Ben Yisrael of the Bureau commented today that “So far the attack has gone as expected, there is hardly any real damage. Anonymous doesn’t have the skills to damage the country’s vital infrastructure. And if that was its intention, then it wouldn’t have announced the attack ahead of time. It wants to create noise in the media about issues that are close to its heart.”

Another cyber expert, Shlomi Dolev of Ben Gurion University even went so far as to say: “It is a good test for our defense systems and we will know better how to deal with more serious threats in the future.”

To give you some idea of the extent of these ongoing attacks against Israel, more than 60,000,000 hacking attempts occurred against Israel in November alone.

For its part, the IDF has been searching throughout the country for recruits to its Intelligence Corps’ Unit 8200 which spend more a half billion dollars a year fighting cyber-terrorism. Military Intelligence Chief, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi has even been looking outside Israel for “teenage prodigies” who can help Israel fight in these cyberwars.

Recently, the IDF Manpower Directorate issued this statement: “This is a Zionist and patriotic project. We hope that once the teens make aliya … their families will follow.”

Do you know of anyone who might want to join Unit 8200?

What have you done for Israel today?

*Your humble servant acknowledges YNET news for the quotations used in today’s blog/




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