Idiots On Parade: James Rowley, Daniel Kurtzer, and Tzipi Livni

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time Thursday:

*There have been repeated Palestinian “rock” throwing attacks during the afternoon on Israeli buses and cars in Jerusalem and in Hebron. There have been no physical injuries to any Israelis but the emotional trauma suffered by motorists and passengers is incalculable.

*Despite PM Netanyahu’s office claiming otherwise, there is much talk that Netanyahu has agreed to release some of the worst terrorists from Israeli prisons–ones who have been in prison since before the Oslo Accords were signed. In response, the Israeli organization Almagor has published the photographs of all the Israeli citizens who have been killed since the year 2000 by Palestinian prisoners who were released as “good will gestures” to the PLO and Hamas:

Virtually every Israeli knows someone in these photographs. Shouldn't their lives count for something?

Virtually every Israeli knows someone in these photographs. Shouldn’t their lives count for something?

How can any Israeli prime minister look at these photographs in good conscience and release Palestinian terrorist prisoners for the sake of a meaningless “gesture for peace”?


The last 24 hours have seen some extraordinarily moronic statements being made by some extraordinarily cretinous people–so many, in fact, that your humble servant has had some trouble today whittling the number down to a presentable three for today’s blog–but here are your humble servant’s choices:

1. James Rowley, United Nations “Palestinian Affiars” Coordinator

Rowley accused Israel yesterday of “reneging on its responsibilities” by temporarily closing down the Kerem Shalom crossing. According to Rowley, just because Hamas is shooting missiles at southern Israel is no reason to stop the flow of goods into the terrorist enclave. In fact, Rowley even went so far as to declare that continued closing of the Crossing  could have “serious effects.”

Can you believe this? Not only is Israel not supposed to militarily respond to attempts to kill Israeli citizens–now, Israel is not supposed to respond tepidly by temporarily closing down a Crossing? Why don’t we just openly assure Hamas that no matter what they do–life for them will just continue as normal? We southern Israelis will continue to huddle in our bomb shelters, but those Palestinians in Gaza can carry on with their regular routines.

Absolutely, positively pathetic.

2.  Daniel Kurtzer, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel

Yesterday, Kurtzer appeared at the Middle East Institute in Washington and actually stated that it is Israel’s responsibility to help Arab leaders to “deal with the Arab Street”.  According to Kurtzer’s contorted logic, if only Israel would negotiate with the Palestinians, this would create more “space” for Arab leaders to act on a wide variety of issues such as Iran.

Can you believe this? Because Kurtzer says that the so-called “Arab Spring” has produced “a far weaker Arab leadership”, it now falls to Israel to assist those weak leaders in dealing with their own people? Maybe this should be the recipe to solve all the problems in the world: wherever there is a weak leader who cannot deal with his or her own people, Israel can step in and save the day.

Absolutely, positively pathetic.

3. Tzipi Livni, Justice Minister of Israel and the new Chief Negotiator with the Palestinians

Yesterday it was reported in the Israeli newspaper Maariv that Livni thinks that the Israeli demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state is “just expecting too much.” According to a diplomatic source, Livni is convinced that demanding that the Palestinians accept Israel’s Jewishness “could prevent the resumption of negotiations.” The same source said that Livni (who has refused to deny the report), says that “the most Israel can receive from Abu Mazen is a recognition of the solution of two states for two peoples.”

Can you believe this?  Here we have Israel’s Chief Negotiator with the Palestinians telling the Palestinians before there are any negotiations that they don’t have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. In other words, the Palestinians can continue to cling to their delusion that so-called “Palestinian refugees” will “return to Israel” (as if they were ever there)–and change the Jewish character of the country. Why doesn’t Livni just go ahead and give away the Old City of Jerusalem and every Jewish community in Judea and Samaria while she is at it? Why do the Palestinians have to negotiate at all?

Absolutely, positively pathetic.


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