“Salamworld, My Religion Is Islam”

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time Friday:

Our heart goes out to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and to the subsequent policeman who has been killed overnight. By now, the world knows that  the two Tsanaev brothers who have carried out the attacks were Muslims from Chechnya. 

The older brother Tamerlan is now dead; the younger brother Dzhokhar is being pursued.  Dzhokhar’s web page has emerged this evening . On that page Dzhokhar lists his “World View” as “Islam” and has links to Islamic web pages such as “Salamworld, my religion is Islam.”


Your humble servant mentions “Islam” and “Salamworld, my religion is Islam” this afternoon because it is precisely the same “worldview” that Israel faces from Palestinian terrorists every hour of everyday.

There is a tendency of people outside of Israel to think that the terrorism directed at Israel is somehow all “nationalistically” or “politically” based. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Islam plays an integral role in virtually every attack against Israelis and Israel.

What do you think was the motivation of the Salafists who fired the missiles at Eilat yesterday?

What do you think was the motivation of the Hamas terrorists who triggered the incoming missile alarm in the Beer Tuvia regional council last night?

What do you think was the motivation of the 5 Palestinian terrorists whose arrest was announced yesterday for attempting to kidnap and murder Jews on the Temple Mount?

What do you think was the motivation of the Palestinian terrorists were were throwing “rocks” and setting fires in and around Jewish communities near Neria, Qalqilya, Bethlehem, Beit Lakia, Karmi Tsur and Beit Ummar yesterday?

What do you think was the motivation of the Hamas terrorists who fired two more rockets at the Eshkol region of southern Israel last night?

What do you think is the motivation of the Muslim “worshipers” on top of the Temple Mount right now who are assaulting Jewish worshipers with “rocks”?

“Salamworld, my religion is Islam.”


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