“Brutal Israeli Soldier Bludgeons Palestinian Protester!”

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time Saturday:

*In a few hours, the holiday of Lag B’Omer will begin in Israel marked by bonfires burning throughout the country. In Israel, the holiday celebrates two events: (1) religiously, the day on which Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai–one of Rabbi Akiva’s leading followers–wrote the Zohar in the second century, a book which reveals the deepest mysteries of Jewish mysticism in the Kabbalah, and (2) culturally and politically, a day of commemoration of the Bar Kochba revolt against the Roman Empire in 132 CE.

Yesterday, a member of Yair Lapid’s political party, MK Ruth Calderon, had the audacity to declare that it was time for Israel to stop celebrating Bar Kochba because of his image as “a radical nationalist.” Can you even begin to imagine how outrageous this suggestion is? After two Roman wars that had slaughtered and enslaved more than a million Jews, Bar Kochba still had the courage to continue to fight the Romans.* Would that Calderon had an ounce of his courage.

*The headline story in the Israeli media this morning is how Israel has kowtowed to the U.S, once again–this time by not responding to the Hezbollah drone infiltration of Israeli airspace. According to a report, the U.S. asked Israel not to respond “in order to keep the international focus on Syria’s chemical weapons.” This is the same sort of request that Israel kowtowed to endlessly during the last few years when Hamas rocketed southern Israel. The thought then advanced by the U.S. was that responding to missile fire would distract international attention from the wondrous “Arab Spring.”

Well, the Arab Spring morphed into the Arab Winter, and President Obama is still sitting on his hands this morning in Washington, D.C. claiming that we need more proof that Assad is actually using chemical weapons against his own people. Why is it that Israel is always singled out to not defend its own citizens? What is about the Obama Administration that it is always willing to risk Israeli lives for some Obama-perceived “greater good”?


This week has seen yet another piece of Palestinian propaganda making the rounds in the form of a picture which purports to show a poor, defenseless, Palestinian protester in the process of being beaten by a helmeted Israeli soldier. We can imagine the Palestinian’s pain as the Israeli lifts his baton to hit his back and head. We sense the Palestinian’s victimhood as the photo captures the dirty moment of “oppression”. We can even see what seems like a wince of pain coming across the Palestinian’s face as the Israeli seems to smile at what he is about to do.

This picture was sent by the Palestinian propaganda machine to all of its collaborators around the world.

This picture was sent by the Palestinian propaganda machine to all of its collaborators around the world.

Of course, the only problem is that this picture and your humble servant’s description is false.

Here is the real picture (courtesy of the IDF blog):

The uncropped picture tells the real story.

The uncropped picture tells the real story.

As your humble servant has been reporting for the past two years, full-on Palestinian assaults of Israeli soldiers and security personnel throughout Judea and Samara has become commonplace. Soldiers are afraid to respond to such attacks because the political correctness of the IDF will hold them (the soldiers) responsible.

At least in this case, one soldier is coming to the aid of his fellow soldier as the Palestinian terrorist viciously pummels the head of his cohort. One more not so small detail: while you have been focused on the baton in the hand of the Israeli soldier who is standing, take a look at the wooden baton in the left hand of the Palestinian man whose back we see (wearing the jalabiya). 

The full photograph shows what Israeli soldiers have to face everyday. Think about this photo when you read fake headlines in your newspapers and magazines and see fake pictures disseminated by the PLO propagandists.




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