King Bibi Now Decides Which Jew Can Ascend the Temple Mount

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time Monday:

*Another screeching red siren at 2 am in the morning, another run by Israeli men, women, and children to their bomb shelter, another Qassam rocket strikes an Israeli border community in the Eshkol region that borders Palestinian terrorist Gaza. 

And once again, nothing but empty bluster from the IDF about how it will not let such missile attacks continue.

*The absurd “Has Syria used chemical weapons or not?” discussion continues. Israeli intelligence services say they have proof that Assad has, then U.S. Secretary of Defense Hagel says he’s not sure, then changes his mind that he is sure, then President Obama says he wants more proof, then . . .

The time has come for people to ask what Israel, Syria, and the world gain from Assad being overthrown by the so-called “rebels”– a significant portion of whom are Islamist followers of Al-Qaeda. Does anyone really believe that the “rebels” care about the Syrian people and will be any less vicious than Assad and his supporters?

One reason that is given about why Israel should support the “rebels” is that their victory would deal a blow to Iran and Hezbollah (both of which have already been extensively raiding Assad’s chemical and conventional weapons)? Your humble servant doubts it. After all, an Islamist is an Islamist. How long would it be until the victorious “rebels” would fall into the Hezbollah and Iranian camps?

I leave it to you, dear reader, to answer that question.    


Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin on the Temple Mount earlier this year.

Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin on the Temple Mount earlier this year. Feiglin is 3rd from the left.

King Bibi was at it again yesterday afternoon. 

Moshe Feiglin, Knesset member and one of the foremost advocates for an increased Jewish presence on the Temple Mount, was informed by the Jerusalem Police that he will not be allowed on the Mount today. 

The Jerusalem Police arresting a Jew beside the Temple Mount a month ago at Passover.

The Jerusalem Police arresting a Jew beside the Temple Mount a month ago at Passover.

The Jerusalem Police, which spends all of its time enforcing dictates of the Islamic Wakf concerning the Mount, gave Feiglin the news by telephone. Feiglin reported:  “Several minutes ago I received a phone call from Commander Moshe Bareket who informed me that due to a direct order of the prime minister, I will not be allowed entrance to the Mount tomorrow.”

A direct order of the prime minister? What gives PM Netanyahu the legal right to pick up his phone, call the Jerusalem Police, and order the police to prevent someone from going up to the Temple Mount?  

As Feiglin went on to say, nothing gives Netanyahu such a right: “The prime minister has no legal authority to give such an order, as it contradicts three Basic Laws.”

What are those laws? The Basic Law of Human Dignity and Liberty–that grants any Israeli freedom of movement; The Basic Law of the Knesset–that gives immunity to any member of the Knesset; The Basic Law of Jerusalem–that guarantees any person freedom of access to holy sites in the city.

Feiglin is absolutely correct.

And what is next? Will King Bibi order the Jerusalem Police to not allow Feiglin to enter the Old City? To enter Jerusalem at all? Maybe Netanyahu’s next order will be one prohibiting your humble servant from traveling to his home in Ashdod.

As this blog has pointed out on numerous occasions:

1. The decision of Moshe Dayan to turn over religious control of the Temple Mount to the Islamic Wakf back in 1967 was simply outrageous and must be reversed. What right does a bogus group of Palestinian and Jordanian Muslims have to tell Jews when they can visit their holiest site–particularly when that site is in Israel?

2. The collaboration of the Jerusalem Police (and PM Netanyahu) with the Islamic Wakf  is flabbergasting. When Jews are strip-searched for Israeli flags–as they were last week–before they ascend the Mount (during the one or two hours a day when the Wakf allows them to ascend) and are arrested for bowing or praying on the Mount, something has gone dreadfully wrong.

Hopefully, as he always is forced to do, Moshe Feiglin will challenge Netanyahu and the Jerusalem Police in court and obtain yet another order that will allow him to do what any Jew should be able to do–climb the Temple Mount and pray to God. 


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