A Great Day Demonstrating For Israel!


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UPDATES 7 pm Israel time Friday:

*Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria have been the scene of Palestinian riots today. An IDF officer was wounded in Hebron; rioters assaulted Israeli security personnel in Bil’in; and bus windows have been smashed in Jerusalem.

*As israelstreet predicted yesterday, a major altercation took place at the Kotel (Western Wall) early this morning. Responding to calls from orthodox rabbis, thousands of young orthodox women from nearby yeshivas descended on the plaza in front of the wall to confront the primarily reform Jewish “Women of the Wall” who were attempting to pray while wearing religious garb reserved for men in orthodox Judaism.

In the ensuing altercation, such items as coffee, water, and garbage were thrown at the “Women of the Wall”. Jerusalem Police were forced to form a human barrier between the two groups and eventually had to escort the “Women of the Wall” away from the Kotel.

There were comments from all sides this afternoon, but Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Isaac Pindar spoke for many when he labeled “Women of the Wall” as “the women of provocation”, and the thousands of orthodox women as “the true women of the wall”. Your humble servant’s opinion can be found in previous israelstreet blogs.


Yesterday was another wonderful day supporting Israel. 

Your humble servant decided to organize a small protest to demonstrate against a speaker who was presenting a program at our local public library. This apologist (who shall remain unnamed here) for the BDS movement is a part of a anti-Israel traveling circus that comes around once or twice each year to public venues, Methodist and Presbyterian churches, and university campuses in northern California–and around the United States.

Our protest consisted of two parts. First we had a number of people who were standing on the sidewalk at the entrance to the library parking lot. We were all carrying signs and waving Israeli flags. Our second group was positioned at the entrance to the library and distributed literature to program attendees. Our purpose in distributing the literature was to “name and shame”–to tell the attendees about who was speaking and to make them ashamed for being at the event.

Here are some of the pictures from the event:

On one side of the driveway into the library.

On one side of the entrance to the library parking lot.

Note in the above picture that we tried to emphasize that we are steadfastly against BDS and that to support Israel is to be pro-peace. The middle sign produced a lot of horn honking from cars going up and down the street and coming in and going out of the library parking lot. It was extremely heartwarming to “hear” the support for Israel!

On the other side of the entry to the parking lot. We were particularly pleased to have the head of the local student chapter of Christians United for Israel--CUFI (woman in the right of the photograph) with us yesterday.

On the other side of the entry to the parking lot. We were particularly pleased to have the head of the local student chapter of Christians United for Israel–CUFI (the woman in the right of the photograph) with us yesterday.

It is just plain exhilarating to be out waving the Israeli flag.

Some of our people at the front door of the library "to greet" those coming to the program.

Some of our people at the front door of the library “to greet” those coming to the program.

It is not enough to just wave flags–you have to tell people why they should not be there.

Two more of our hardy band in front of the library.

Two more of our hardy band in front of the library.

So how did the event turn out? Remarkably, we almost had as many turn out to protest against the speaker as came to listen to the speaker.

The next time that BDSers or the forces against Israel come to your town, don’t just sit in your home, get out and do something. Wave your Israeli flag–it will make you feel better about life, and you will be doing something positive for Israel!

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