The Israel Strategic Security Quiz (Part 2)

UPDATES 6:30 pm Israel time Saturday:

The Amona community which overlooks the nearby community of Ofra.

The Amona community which overlooks the nearby community of Ofra.

*There have been numerous pitched battles between the IDF, Border Police and Palestinians yesterday and today. One of the most absurd of these clashes occurred at the Amona community in Samaria.

The fighting began when Palestinian arsonists attempted to set fire to a field belonging to the community. Immediately, an Israeli community security team from nearby Ofra responded to the incident, and at least one security guard fired his weapon into the air in an attempt to disperse the arsonists.

Thereupon the Border Guards arrived and unbelievably arrested two members of the security team. All the while, the Border Guards and the security team were being assaulted by “rocks” thrown by the arsonists. One of the Border Guards suffered “rock” wounds to the extent that medics had to be summoned to treat him.

Incredibly, none of the “rock” throwing Palestinian arsonists were arrested.

*What is going on with the S-300 missiles in Syria is anyone’s guess. Despite King Bibi’s visit to Putin this week, there are reports that:

–Syria already has S-300 missile batteries (the Russians said yesterday that no one should be surprised at this).

–Syrian soldiers have already been training on the S-300 batteries in Russia.

–The large Russian armada that has just sailed into the Mediterranean and is moored off the Syrian coast may have even brought S-400 batteries.

The simple fact is that with Russian support, Iranian aid, and Hezbollah and Revolutionary Guard (and perhaps Russian) soldiers fighting on behalf of Assad, the tide seems to have shifted in favor of the Syrian regime. Perhaps sensing this, an unnamed spokesman for King Bibi’s government even came out yesterday and declared that the Assad government would be better than a rebel Islamist government led by Al-Qaeda.

*Shabbat Shalom!

As Shabbat draws to a close, a fun story from Bnei Barak today–an orthodox city beside Ramat Gan:

The longest Shabbat table ever?

The longest Shabbat table ever.

The world’s longest Shabbat table (60 meters) has just been used (setting the Guiness Record).  Seating more than 300 people, it was the brainchild of the Israel Coca-Cola Company–which is located in Bnei Barak and the orthodox advertising agency Meimad.


Herewith are the answers to yesterday’s quiz–with some explanations. How did you do?

1. How long is the border between Israel and Syria?

A. 52 km, 32 miles (this is the length of the Israel border with Gaza)

B. 238 km, 148 miles (this is the length of the Israel border with Jordan)

C. 79 km, 49 miles (this is the length of the Israel border with Lebanon)

D. 76 km, 47 miles

Of course none of these answers includes the 266 km border that Israel shares with Egypt. 

2. How many United Nations troops (UNDOF) are positioned in or around the Golan Heights DMZ?

A. 1123 soldiers

B. 2252 soldiers

C. 3391 soldiers

4. 4497 soldiers

As your humble servant has pointed out, there have been several announcements in recent weeks about various countries pulling their contingents out in light of kidnappings of UN soldiers by Syrian rebels.

3. What is the distance between Jerusalem and Damascus?

A. 217 km, 135 miles

B. 427 km, 265 miles (this is the distance from Jerusalem to Cairo)

C. 248 km, 154 miles (this is the distance from Jerusalem to Eilat)

D. 235 km, 146 miles (this is the distance from Jerusalem to Beirut)

4. How long is the border between Egypt and Gaza?

A. 51 km

B. 11 km

C. 101 km

D. 232 km

It is a border that is completely closed today as Egypt expresses its anger to Hamas about its 7 kidnapped Army and police officers.

5. Comparatively speaking, how large is Gaza?

A. About half the size of Washington, DC

B. Approximately the same size as Washington, D.C.

C. About 1.5 times as large as Washington, D.C.

D. Approximately twice the size of Washington, D.C.

6. What is the unofficial name of the border line between Israel and Lebanon?

A. The red line

B. The green line

C. The blue line

D. The brown line

7. How many United Nations troops (UNIFIL) are now in southern Lebanon ?

A. 568

B. 2,369

C. 7, 411

D. 10,807

Your humble servant merely includes this as contrast to the number of UN soldiers on the Syrian border.


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