The IDF Changes Tactics But Are Israeli Civilians Being Protected?

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During the last year, your humble servant has been constantly bewailing the increasingly lawless situation in Judea and Samaria. Border Guards, IDF soldiers, and Israeli police have been assaulted by Palestinian terrorist “rock” throwers with impunity. Israeli citizens living in Jewish communities throughout the regions are attacked on a violent, daily basis.

Yesterday was no exception.

At around 1:45 am, two Palestinian terrorists hiding among a grove of olive trees pelted a large number of Israeli vehicles traveling in Wadi Haramiya near Sinjil on Highway 60. One resident of Ariel had to be evacuated to Beilinson Hospital by a MADA team from Eli with “rock” wounds, and eight vehicles were severely damaged.  Miraculously, as you will see from the pictures below, no other Israelis were wounded:


Looking at the above windshield, you are probably wondering how a small “stone”, even a “pebble” as is always reported by the international media, could cause such damage. The answer is the reason that your humble servant always puts the word “rock” in quotation marks:

This is a "rock".

This is a “rock” (photos courtesy Observation Agency).

It is in response to these ongoing attacks that the IDF is changing tactics–from doing nothing to actively engaging the terrorists–but within severe constraints.

First, the IDF is equipping its snipers with different rifles whose shot is reduced in diameter from the already small 0.22 caliber rimfire cartridge of standard “Ruger” rifles (pictured below).


Second, the IDF is equipping its snipers with non-lethal “sponge tipped bullets”–even rubber bullets will not be permitted to be fired.  

Third, the Central Command will begin providing a protective suit to IDF soldiers that will protect against blows, “rocks”, and sticks and will cover a soldier’s shoulders, back, chest, groin, thighs, and shins. Troops will also be issued special gloves to protect against knife slashes.

All of this is fine and good–but what about the 370,000 Israelis living in Judea and Samaria? When are they going to receive their suits? 

Your humble servant suspects that the answer to that question is “Never”. 


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