Showing Solidarity with the Children of Yitzhar

UPDATES 6:30 pm Israel time Thursday:

The daily scene in Beitar Illit (picture courtesy New York Times).

The daily scene in Beitar Illit (picture courtesy New York Times).

**Interesting statistics have been released today concerning life in Judea and Samaria. One of the largest Jewish cities, Beitar Illit, dedicated a new health center this morning. At the opening, it was revealed that some 2000 babies are now being born each year in the city, and that there are now 13,000 children seven years of age or younger residing in the city.

At the same time, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reported that new housing starts declined by 8% in the first quarter of 2013. However, the three places which showed the greatest growth were Jerusalem (with 910 units), Judea, and Samaria (both with a more than 200% increase). It should be noted that virtually all of this increase is within the major Jewish cities of Beitar Illit, Modiin Illit, and Jewish communities within the large “blocks” just inside the Green Line.

**The Hezbollah command in southern Lebanon has ordered all those affiliated with Hamas to leave the country immediately because of its support of the rebels fighting against the Assad regime. Apparently, all of these Hamas terrorists are being relocated to Gaza. 

The Syrian rebel command (such as it is) has ordered all Syrians out of Hezbollah’s southern suburb in Beirut–saying it will begin hitting the area within 3 days.

Syrian army troops launched 200 missiles against a rebel stronghold this morning–with unknown results. All the while, Bashir Assad announced today that the S300 batteries have arrived in Syria–the batteries that Israel has said it will not allow to become operational. 


The entire area around the Yitzhar community in Samaria is currently ablaze–as a result of a well-planned Palestinian arson attack. Yitzhar is located on a hilltop just south of Shechem (Nablus) on Route 60 north of the Tapuach (Apple) Junction.

The orthodox Jewish community of Yitzhar--barely visible in this picture along the top of the hill.

The orthodox Jewish community of Yitzhar–barely visible in this picture along the top of the hill.

The events in Yitzhar today bring into sharper relief a story that appeared a few days ago about how the Lippman School in Akron, Ohio has adopted a school in Yitzhar following a visit to the community by its director, Sam Chestnut.

It is not just just any school–but a school attended by some of the children of Eviatar Borovsky who was stabbed to death at the Tapuach Junction on April 30th by a Palestinian terrorist of Fatah’s Al-Aksa Brigade.

Three of Eviatar Borovsky's children at their father's funeral one month ago.

Four of Eviatar Borovsky’s children at their father’s funeral one month ago.

Chestnut’s comments upon leaving Yitzhar are particularly insightful and illuminating: “We always hear that Israelis target Palestinian freedom of movement by checkpoints, but here I see, [that it is the Israelis who are fenced in], and the Israelis [who] do not move around freely in their living area, while the Palestinians are living without fences. [It is] simply reverse of the information that comes to us through the media.”

Chestnut went on to say: “The murder shocked us and we feel it is the least we can do to embrace the children of Yitzhar, and to show the solidarity we feel toward them.”

Your humble servant wonders why the world was not shocked by Borovsky’s murder and why the world has not embraced the children of Yitzhar.

What have you done for Israel today? 




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