Absolutely Positively Hilarious and Pathetic

UPDATES 6:30 pm Israel time Sunday:

The outpouring of love as Israel’s president Shimon Peres celebrates his 90th birthday this month is truly heartwarming. Politicians and entertainers led by Bill Clinton and Barbra Streisand are flying into Israel to help Israel’s leading appeaser to the Palestinians blow out his birthday candles.

The depth of this love was truly shown this morning when it was revealed that former U.S. President Clinton is actually getting paid by Peres supporters at the Shimon Peres Academic Center to make the appearance.

How much you may ask? $500,000 plus first class airfare and accommodations for appearing as the “guest of honor” and making a 45 minute speech extolling the virtues of his good friend Shimon.

Absolutely, positively hilarious.


Another "rock" attack on an Israeli motorist yesterday.

Another “rock” attack on an Israeli motorist yesterday.

In the israelstreet breaking news ticker in the right hand column, your humble servant attempts to give you daily information about what is happening on the ground in Judea and Samaria because this violence is reported virtually nowhere else.

But frankly, the sheer volume of Palestinian terrorist attacks against Jewish community members defies detailed inclusion in the ticker.

The “May statistics” on assaults carried out by Palestinian terrorists against Jewish residents in the five sectors of Judea and Samaria were released this morning:

Total number of attacks: 1175 (37+ per day)

Total number of children, women, men, and soldiers wounded: 62

Number of Molotov cocktail attacks: 96 (3+ per day)

Number of attacks by sector :

*Gush Etzion: 484, including 420 “rock” attacks, 47 Molotov cocktails, and 17 shooting and knife attacks, 23 civilians and soldiers wounded.

*Benjamin: 343, including 322 “rock” attacks and 21 Molotov cocktails, 11 civilians and soldiers wounded.

*Judea: 219, including 208 “rock” attacks and 11 Molotov cocktails, 10 civilians and soldiers wounded–the latter includes 4 soldiers who were nearly burned to death when a Molotov exploded in and destroyed their jeep.

*Samaria: 75, including 64 “rock” attacks and 11 Molotov cocktails, 6 civilians and soldiers wounded.

*Jerusalem: 54: including 48 “rock” attacks and 6 Molotov cocktails, 12 civilians and soldiers wounded.

Are you following this, dear reader? This is the same area about which Benny Gantz absurdly said this week that the IDF will not change strategy for fear of “escalating the conflict”.

In point of fact, the citizens of Judea and Samaria, just like the citizens of southern Israel, are nothing more than cannon fodder for the general staff of the IDF and for the politicians in Jerusalem.

Absolutely, positively, pathetic.




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