Halt! No Jews Allowed!


Do you want to have your spirits lifted this morning? Click on this link for some amazing pictures from London.


PLO Chairman, head of the Fatah party, and self-decreed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issued another dictatorial decree yesterday naming Rami Hamdullah as the new “Palestinian Prime Minister.” As it turns out, Hamdullah has no political, economic, or government experience whatsoever; he is an English professor turned dean of al-Najah University in Samaria.

What he does have is a Fatah membership card and absolute fealty to Abbas. 

Why John Kerry and Barack Obama, not to mention the European Union and others, continue to invest time and effort in propping up the dictator of Ramallah defies rational explanation. Are Mahmoud Abbas and his corrupt, undemocratic cronies really who Israel is supposed to make peace with?


This is the hastily made sign created by the Jerusalem police that appeared at the entrance of the Temple Mount this morning:


It reads:


On Thursday June 6, the kaf vav of Iyar, the Temple Mount will be closed because of a Muslim holiday. We apologize.

Of course this is not really what the sign says. Judging from the fact that the sign is in Hebrew which few if any non-Jewish tourists or visitors can read, the actual reading of this hideous sign is:


On Thursday, June 6, the kaf vav of Iyar, the Temple Mount will be closed to Jews by order of the Islamic Wakf.

If you think that this interpretation is an overreach on your humble servant’s part consider this. One person who encountered this sign this morning was Shimon Riklin, who operates a Jewish study tour that was supposed to visit the Mount on Thursday. Perplexed, Riklin proceeded to ask his Muslim friends about what Muslim holiday takes place on Thursday.

None of them knew.

He even asked several Muslim scholars to explain to him what holiday is being celebrated on Thursday. He simply wondered why the Jerusalem Police would close down the entire Temple Mount to Jews.

None of them knew.

All of this comes in the context of a rather amazing hearing that took place several days ago in which Avi Biton, the Superintendent of the Jerusalem Police, was asked why Jews were being interrogated before ascending the Mount. In that hearing, Biton revealed that he is merely “following custom” and that he creates restrictions as he sees fit.

As I wrote just over a week ago in a blog concerning Biton, it is outrageous that an unelected bureaucratic official, often operating in direct collusion with the Prime Minister’s Office, can determine if and when Jews can visit their holiest site.





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