Palestinian Terrorists Run Rampant Due To IDF’s “Containment Policy”

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time Wednesday:

Anne Frank, murdered in Bergen Belsen, in March 1945.

Anne Frank,murdered in Bergen Belsen in March 1945

*Born on June 12, 1929, Anne Frank would have been 84 today. 

*The Chinese have just made a fascinating offer to the Israeli government to build a new Israeli city consisting of 30,000 apartment units near Latrun.

*Scientists at Israel’s Technion have announced the astonishing construction of the world’s first molecular computer made entirely of biomolecules such as DNA and chemical enzymes.

Professor Ehud Keinan (who led the project) remarked that the computer “can interact directly with biological systems and even with living organisms. No interface is required since all components of molecular computers, including hardware, software, input and output, are molecules that interact in solution along a cascade of programmable chemical events.” 

From a leading scientist: “Technically, a ‘molecular transducer’, the new computing device is capable of processing data, encoding results in its own genetic code that it can then use in following computations.”*

Remember the old science-fiction story “Can Computers Fall in Love?” Perhaps the day nears when we will discover whether this is possible.


There is a rush in the Israel media today to defend Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon, the IDF commander in Judea and Samaria, from charges that his policy of “containment” rather than “active confrontation” of Palestinian terrorists is an abject failure.

In order to evaluate this for yourself, your humble servant thought it might be instructive for you, dear reader, to once again get a taste for what is going on in and around the Jewish communities and cities in the area Maj. Gen. Alon administers.

Here are a few of the reports from the 48 hour period from Monday morning until Wednesday morning:

**Wednesday (12:00 am until 10 am)

9:38 am: Palestinian terrorists throw “rocks” at vehicles on the road at the northern entrance to Hebron. The vehicles are badly damaged–but no physical injuries among drivers reported.

6 am: Palestinian terrorists throw “rocks” and Molotov cocktails at IDF forces near Shechem (Nablus). Soldier wounded.

5:32 am: Palestinian terrorists throw 4 Molotov cocktails at IDF soldiers in Um Salmuna village near Bethlehem.

4:12 am: Palestinian terrorists throw “rocks” at IDF soldiers near Palestinian settlement of Hussein.

4:00 am: Palestinian terrorists throw IED at police in Abu Dis.

12:20 am: Palestinian terrorists open fire from passing vehicle at Border Police truck. Border police “fire in air” in response.

**Tuesday night (8 pm until 12 am):

11:01 pm: Palestinian terrorists throw “rocks” at Israeli vehicles on the road near Elkana in Samaria.

10:25 pm: Palestinian terrorists throw “rocks” at the bus stop serving Givat Assaf.

**Tuesday afternoon (3:30 pm until 6 pm): 

5:52 pm: Palestinian terrorists throw “rocks” at an IDF post in Hebron checkpoint.

4:43 pm: Palestinian terrorists throw “rocks” at Israeli vehicles in Beit Ummar on Gush Etzion road near Hebron.

4:22 pm: Palestinian terrorists throw stones at the Hebron bus on Gush Etzion road. Bus windshield shattered.

3:59 pm: Palestinian terrorists block road near Jewish community of Nili Benjamin with spikes and hit Israeli motorists forced to slow down. 

3:47 pm: Palestinian terrorists throw Molotov cocktails at an Israeli vehicle at the “Horseshoe”.

**Tuesday morning

6:50 am: Palestinian terrorists throw IEDs and “rocks” at IDF forces near Shechem.

**Monday evening (8 pm until 12 am)

10:19 pm: Palestinian terrorists throw two Molotov cocktails at cars in the road tunnels between Jerusalem and Gush Etzion.

9:39 pm: Palestinian terrorists throw “rocks” at vehicles beside Azzun near the Karni Shomron.

8:54 pm: Palestinian terrorists throw three Molotov cocktails at Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem.

**Monday morning and afternoon (1 am until 3:30 pm)

3:17 pm: Palestinian terrorists throw rocks at IDF position near Beit Romano in Hebron.

1:22 pm: Palestinian terrorists stone Israeli car in neighborhood of Olives in Jerusalem. 

11:49 am: Palestinian terrorists Arabs throw stones at a bus on the Hebron–Gush Etzion road.

6:00 am: Palestinian terrorists throw a Molotov cocktail in Mevo Dotan.

5:35 am: Palestinian terrorists throw IED at IDF forces near Border Police station in Suahara.

3:06 am: Palestinian terrorists place stone barrier placed at Nili and attack Israeli motorists.

2:00 am: Palestinian terrorists throw “rocks” at worshipers to Joseph’s Tomb (accompanied by IDF contingent).

1:20 am: Palestinian terrorists throw Molotov cocktails at IDF vehicle near the “Horseshoe”.

Again, this is an extremely partial list of Palestinian terrorism perpetrated against the citizens of Judea and Samaria during this time period, but any elementary school student can draw the same conclusions as your humble servant:

1. There is an intifada taking place in and around the Jewish communities of the region.

2. The IDF policy of containment is indeed an abject failure and must be changed.

3. The IDF leadership starting with Maj. Gen. Alon and his superior Benny Gantz must be replaced. 

One final note: it is fortunate that only one soldier was physically injured in the events described above, but who knows the extent of psychological trauma experienced by Israelis being attacked?



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