What Are The American Soldiers In The Picture Below Training For?

UPDATES 8 am Israel time Saturday:

*The “rebels” in Syria have launched major counter-attacks throughout the country today–especially in Aleppo and in Damascus. 50 Syrian soldiers were found shot to death yesterday in a small town near the Syrian capital. The rebels have also rocketed the suburbs of Beirut this morning.

*As predicted might happen in yesterday’s israelstreet blog, newly unelected PLO Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has “unresigned”. His unresignation has been accepted by the long-time unelected head of the PLO/Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.


Where do you think these American soldiers are? What are they training for? Where are they being deployed to?

Where do you think these American soldiers are? What are they training for? Where are they being deployed to? (picture source: KCEN TV of central Texas)

It seems like it was only yesterday when President Obama threw Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak under the bus in the name of the “Arab Spring.” The delusion, you may recall, was that revolutionary democratic fever was sweeping the region, and the U.S. had to get on board or be left behind.

Well we all know how that turned out. Islamists took over in Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt–the only three countries that really had an “Arab Spring.” Democratic movements were quickly quashed in Iran, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia–all of which were already Islamist.

Now, the same Islamists are battling for control of Syria. On one side we have the fanatically Islamist Iranian regime through its equally Islamist proxy Hezbollah fighting to support Assad, and on the other side we have the fanatical Islamist Al-Qaeda groups fighting to overthrow Assad.

As for President Obama, while he still absurdly continues to mouth faith in the Arab Spring, his administration’s new foreign policy in the Islamic world simply seems to be to support whoever is in power–with the exceptions of Syria and Iran.  

*In Turkey, we actually saw John Kerry last week weeks defending the avowedly Islamist Turkish PM Erdogan in his struggle against democratic protestors.

*In the Gulf countries, we see the Obama Administration falling all over itself to prop up the autocratic despots of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.

*In Jordan, we now have U.S. military on the ground ostensibly to protect the Jordanian border from Syrian, Iranian, and Hezbollah infiltrators. Just this morning, it was announced that as soon as the current joint American-Jordanian military exercises are over, 700 U.S. troops will remain stationed there “to protect the border.” Perhaps, but just as important, the American soldiers are there to protect King Abdullah–in other words, to prop up another Arab autocrat.

All of which brings us back to the picture above.

The American soldiers in the picture are based in Fort Hood, Texas. Here is the short story that accompanied the video from which your humble servant extracted the picture:

(KCEN) — A group of soldiers are preparing for their deployment to Egypt with riot training on post. They’re planning ahead for violent protests or riots and the possibility of protecting the country’s border with Israel. Soldiers encountered Molotov cocktails and other dangerous items in the training.

Lt. Matthew Wilkinson says, “Just what I’ve seen over the course of the past week this unit is already far more ready for this type of threat than we were a week ago.” PFC Perez Alexander says, “We want to be as professional as possible… Know what we’re doing.”

They wrap up training today before preparing to ship out in the near future.

Are the above soldiers really going to Egypt to protect the border? There are already some 1500 U.S. soldiers in the Egyptian Sinai supposedly patrolling the border between Egypt and Israel.

Or are they going to Egypt to protect Islamist Egyptian President Morsi against those demonstrating against his increasingly Islamist government?  To use the old expression: if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.

American soldiers are obviously going to Egypt in a “police” capacity (note again how they are dressed in the “training” picture above) to prop up Morsi. In the words of the soldiers themselves, they are “planning ahead for violent protests or riots” and the possibility of “encountering Molotov cocktails and other dangerous items”.

In reality, this application of American force should not be too surprising.

After all, as former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ridiculously declared in Cairo last November when the U.S. and Israel put Egypt in charge of policing the “ceasefire” with Hamas in Gaza, President Morsi has brought “stability to an unsettled region”.

So Americans must now protect him–even at the risk of American soldiers?

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