The Temple Mount Sifting Project (Part 1)

UPDATES 7 am Israel time Sunday:

*A rash of violent incidents in Jerusalem during the early morning hours at the Damascus Gate, Qalandiya checkpoint, and Mt. of Olives. At least one policeman was wounded in the head and several motorists were also wounded.

On the Mt. of Olives early this morning (picture source captioned in picture).

On the Mt. of Olives early this morning (picture source captioned in picture).

*Hundreds of Israelis rallied in Maaleh Adumin yesterday for beginning building in the E1 Zone that separates Maale Adumin from Jerusalem. Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon spoke for the crowd: “We demand the construction in E1 at any cost. There is no matter of timing, there should be building at any time.”


*U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry emerged from a meeting in Qatar yesterday with ten Arab and European nations in which it was decided to increase aid to the Syrian rebels in order to counterbalance the aid that Iran and Hezbollah are giving to Assad.

As usual, however, Kerry’s statement was contorted: “We do so to … find a political settlement. Reliable civilian governance and a stronger and more effective armed opposition will better enable the opposition to be able to provide the counterweight to the initiative of Assad to reach out across borders … to bring Iranians and to bring Hezbollah – again, a terrorist organization – to the table.” 

Say what John?


Your humble servant is going to keep today’s blog short because he is headed to Jerusalem in one hour for an exciting day of archaeological work at Emek Tzurim.

This site, located just to the east of the eastern wall of the Old City is the place where “rubble” from Temple Mount was brought by dump trucks following illegal excavations under the Al-Aksa and Dome of the Rock Mosques more than a decade ago.

Volunteers are encouraged to come and sift through the “rubble” in order to find artifacts from the First and Second Temples. Tomorrow’s blog will be a description of the day with photographs of our activities.

If you would like to get a taste of tomorrow’s blog, click on this link to the Temple Mount Sifting Project.




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