Is Egypt on the Verge of Becoming Syria?

UPDATES 4 pm Israel time Monday:

*There have been numerous deaths in Egypt today including those of almost 50 pro-Morsi supporters who tried to rush the military building holding deposed President Morsi.

*In Israel, there was a large clash at the Kotel today as thousands of orthodox young women blocked the Women of the Wall from reaching the Wall.


Sitting here on the beach in Eilat today and seeing (from left to right), the Jordanian coastline, northern Saudi Arabia, and the Egyptian Sinai, it is difficult to grasp the turmoil going on all around . . . except, of course, for the explosion we heard from the Sinai at about 10:30 am this morning.

By all accounts, Egypt has turned into a bloodbath today, and the reports coming out of the region indicate a situation eerily reminiscent to what has happened in Syria. Specifically, Hamas is now pouring fighters through the tunnels from Gaza into the Sinai and on into Egypt proper to fight on the side of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course it is Hezbollah that has been transferring fighters by the hundreds into Syria to prop up Bashir Assad.

The interesting difference, obviously, is that while Hamas is fighting in support of an Islamist member of its own parent organization, Hezbollah is engaged in battle on the side of a government which is fighting against Islamist rebels.

But what your humble servant wonders is simply if the Egyptian Army has the wherewithal to stem the flow of foreign fighters and material  into Egypt. Considering the widespread attacks on Egyptian army positions in the Sinai in the last two days, I doubt it.

From this perspective, it appears that Egypt may eventually (or even sooner) become a battleground of Islam.



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