One Million Muslims Descend On Israel

UPDATES 4 pm Israel time, Thursday, July 11 2013

*While driving back from Eilat to Ashdod this morning and afternoon on Israel Highway 40 that transverses the middle of the Negev not far from the Egyptian border, we heard on Israel radio that the Egyptian Army claims to have killed some 30 Hamas terrorists in fighting in the Sinai today. This follows the attempted assassination of the Egyptian commander in the Sinai last night.

*At 2:44 pm–a little more than an hour ago–red sirens for incoming rockets from Palestinian terrorists in Gaza were heard (not far from the road we were on) in the northern Negev. No word on where the rocket(s) hit.

*It now appears that Israel might be ready to accept a “deal” with the Russians whereby Russian troops would be allowed on the Golan Heights to police the DMZ there in return for promising not to deliver S300 and S400 missiles to Syria. That Israel would allow the Russians to blackmail us is nothing less than incredible.


As we were walking down the seaside promenade in Eilat late last night, we could see the slimmest of crescent moons shining brightly over the mountains in the Sinai–signalling the beginning of Ramadan. Interestingly, the Muslim holiday had been delayed for a day because religious clerics could not find the moon in the sky on Tuesday night.

But speaking of Ramadan, here we go again.

As you read the following, reflect on the fact that Jews in Judea and Samaria cannot leave their homes without being assaulted by Palestinian terrorists. Remember that the PLO has vowed to expunge every Jew from Judea, Samaria, and the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

No Jews, no Judaism.

The IDF head of COGAT (the Coordinator of Goverment Activities in the Territories) issued a series of directives yesterday.

Travel restrictions on “West Bank Palestinians” are to be eased during Ramadan. All Palestinians above the age of 60 will be given “unlimited access to Israel”,  while women of all ages and men over 40 will be given “unfettered access to the Temple Mount” for the holiday of Eid el-Fitr that follows Ramadan.

COGAT says that Israel should expect more than 1,000,000 Palestinians to enter Israel and to frequent all public venues including malls, beaches, theaters, and restaurants.

Are you following this? With no thought whatsoever for the security of everyday Israelis–and at a time when everyone has to be on greater guard for security issues from Gaza, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon, the Israeli government is going to allow one million Palestinians into Israel. On the Temple Mount, where orthodox Jews are rarely given permission to be and cannot even pray while they are there, Palestinians will be given “unfettered access.”


But wait, the COGAT directive is even more absurd. 

In order to not offend the sensibilities of Muslims, Israeli soldiers manning checkpoints in Judea and Samaria have been given “sensitivity and flexibility training”, and are being ordered not to eat, drink, and smoke while on duty.

Can you believe this?

Your humble servant cannot. The next COGAT directive will be that all Israelis must not eat and drink during the daytime hours of Ramadan so as not to offend the one million Muslims overrunning the country.

Absolutely, positively, pathetic.


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