Shabbat Shalom to Adele Biton and Her Family

UPDATES 9 am Israeli time, Saturday, July 13 2013

*The war in the Sinai rages on with the Egyptian military aggressively beginning to go after Hamas and al-Qaeda terrorists following the murders of more Egyptian policemen. There is now talk that the Rafah Crossing from Egypt into Gaza will be closed “indefinitely”, and Egypt has asked Israel for permission to bring in more firepower and aircraft.

Meanwhile, there was a disturbing event yesterday in which one of those aircraft, an Egyptian military helicopter, flew into Israeli-controlled airspace over Gaza for about ten minutes.  Egyptian and Israeli army sources described the event as “a navigational error”.

*Even more disturbing yesterday was Israeli relinquishing of security matters in Israel to the Palestinian police.

As nearly 100,000 Palestinians swept into the country, ostensibly to celebrate Ramadan by visiting relatives and praying at the Temple Mount, Israel actually put Palestinian/PLO police in charge of the border crossings. But more than this, Israel has granted “special authorization” to Palestinian/PLO police to deploy in areas under Israeli security control in eastern Jerusalem in order “to direct the worshipers on their way to the Al-Aqsa Mosque”.

Are you following this dear reader? The Israeli police have handed over security control in parts of eastern Jerusalem (for the next month) to the Palestinian/PLO police. In your humble servant’s opinion, this action is tantamount to a de facto recognition of Palestinian claims to Jerusalem and to the Temple Mount–and demonstrates yet again how low the Netanyahu government has fallen. 

*Speaking of the Temple Mount, your humble servant has often blasted the Jerusalem Police for their vicious attack on Judaism’s holiest place. Every Jewish worshiper to the Mount is searched; not even the smallest Israeli flag can be taken to the site of the First and Second Jewish Temples–while Palestinians regularly fly Hamas and Fatah flags from the mosques and in the trees in the courtyard.

Yesterday saw this banner put up over the entrance to the Al-Aqsa Mosque where your humble servant was just last week:

This pro-Morsi banner was hung by Hamas on the Al-Aksa Mosque yesterday.

This pro-Morsi banner was hung by Hamas on the Al-Aksa Mosque yesterday. The banner reads: “Jerusalem Supports Legitimacy Against the Coup”.

Obviously, it was put up by Hamas (note the green striping of the Hamas flag). And what did the Jerusalem Police do about the banner? Absolutely nothing.


The car that xxxBitton was driving the night of the attack.

The car that Adva Biton was driving the night of the attack.

You may remember the horrific “rock” throwing attack on March 14th of this year in which Adva Biton was carrying her children home on the Trans-Samaria highway when Palestinian terrorists assaulted her car with “rocks”.  When she swerved to avoid the attack, her car smashed into the back of a truck.

Adva herself as well as two of her daughters (aged 4 and 6) were badly injured, but Adva’s two year old daughter Adele was gravely wounded with traumatic brain injuries. For much of the remainder of March, then April and May, Adele has lain in a coma and undergone multiple brain surgeries (click here for more details in a previous israelstreet blog).

In mid-June, however, Adele’s situation finally began to stabilize, and for the first time since the incident, she began breathing on her own. More recently, she has begun to respond to stimulation and has been moving her arms and legs. 

Yesterday, doctors decided that Adele was well enough to go home and spend Shabbat with her family.

Adele leaves the hospital yesterday in a wheelchair--that is her mother Adva leaning over her (Adele's face has been blurred for privacy).

Adele leaves the hospital yesterday in a wheelchair–that is her mother Adva leaning over her (Adele’s face has been blurred for privacy).

Adele’s father had this to say to reporters yesterday as the family left the hospital: “She’s still not able to talk, but we can clearly understand what we say to her. She has a long road to rehabilitation, but she has made the first steps.”

Adva added: “We are very excited; we’ve waited a long time for her to come home .  .  . The entire family will have Shabbat dinner and Adele will be with us.”

Israelstreet would like to offer its best wishes to the Biton family and fervent hopes for Adele’s continuing recovery. Shabbat Shalom!


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