And We Are Supposed To Make Peace With Murderers?

UPDATE 10 am Israel time, Monday, July 15 2013:

*Dozens more are reported killed in the Sinai overnight with the Egyptian Army engaging terrorists belonging to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Salafi Al-Qaeda. The Egyptians have clamped a media blackout on the battles taking place.

Apparently around 20 Egyptians were killed this morning when terrorists blew up a bus full of workers being taken to their jobs at a cement factory.

IDF forces were engaged on the border early this morning by a small terror cell from the Sinai. No physical injuries were reported.

*The events surrounding the bombing of the Russian missiles near Latakia Syria several days ago becomes murkier by the minute with the Russians now claiming that Israeli planes taking off from Turkish bases carried out the attack. The thought that Turkish PM Erdogan would allow Israeli planes into Turkish airspace is preposterous.

*PM Netanyahu said yesterday that Iran is now only 60 kg away from the red line he set at the United Nations. In other words, Iran now has 190 of the 250 kilograms of refined uranium necessary to make a nuclear bomb.


Friday night, May 2, 1980. Hebron.

The evening Shabbat service at the Cave of the Patriarchs was just over.

More than one hundred yeshiva students were returning to Yeshivat Nir Kiryat Arba.  As they formed a dance circle to celebrate Shabbat, Palestinian terrorists on a rooftop overlooking the yeshiva began throwing grenades and opened fire with machine guns and rifles.  

Six of the students were killed: Tzvi Glatt, Gershon Klein, Ya’akov Zimmerman, Hanan Krauthammer, Eli HaZe’ev, and Shmuel Mermelstein–three of whom are pictured below:

Hanan Krauthammer

Hanan Krauthammer

Shmuel Mermelstein

Shmuel Mermelstein

Eli HaZe'ev

Eli HaZe’ev

Eli HaZe’ev was one of two Israeli-Americans, along with Tzvi Glatt, who were killed. HaZe’ev was a Vietnam war veteran who had converted to Judaism and moved to Israel.

The viciousness of the slaughter shocked Israel, and the next day the Israeli government finally decided to reestablish the ancient Jewish community in Hebron–which Arabs had massacred back in 1929. 

So why you may ask, is your humble servant recounting this terrible history today?

Yesterday, it was discovered* that one of the terrorists that night in 1980 in Hebron, one of the savages who threw grenades at young, unsuspecting students and mowed them down with machine gun fire, has just been chosen by Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO to be the new director of the Palestinian side of the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

Taysir Abu Vesnina.

A name that should live in infamy, Vesnina is in fact alive and well and touting his new appointment on Facebook, flaunting his terrorist past and proudly calling himself and his fellow terrorists “heroes” for the butchery they carried out that night in Hebron. He has even posted a picture of himself with his fellow “heroes”:

Murderers all. As you can guess, Visnaya is the terrorist who is circled--his more recent picture is inset lower left.

Murderers all. As you can guess, Visnaya is the nauseating terrorist who is circled–his more recent picture is inset lower left. Note the “peace “sign.

Do you begin to understand why the desecration of the Jewish side of the Cave of the Patriarchs took place yesterday? Do you have an understanding of why “peace” is impossible with the Palestinians? Don’t you just want to scream your outrage at a silent world?

*Your humble servant thanks “Operation Rescue Samaria” for its discovery of Visnaya. 

One final note. Beit Haggai, a Jewish community in the southern Hebron hills is named for three of the students who died: Hanan Krauthammer, Gershon Klein, and Yaakov Zimmerman. May their memory always be blessed.


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