Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews. . .The Army of Muhammad Will Return!

UPDATES 10 am Israel time, Thursday, July 18 2013:

*Another day, and more Palestinian demands that must be acceded to by Israel before Mahmoud Abbas will sit down and “talk”, all of which Israel is apparently agreeing to: building a new Palestinian airport near Ramallah, reviving the Palestinian Dead Sea tourist project, giving off-shore gas exploration permits to Palestinian Hamas in Gaza, increasing the number of work permits for Palestinians in Israel.

All of this on top of the announcement from Palestinian sources that the two sides are “close to” returning to the “negotiating” table because Netanyahu has agreed to release Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons (this was reported on israelstreet months ago).

There is even word out of Jerusalem today that Israel is agreeing to use the so-called Arab “Peace” Plan as the basis of negotiations–with Netanyahu’s spokesman saying that Israel has “never rejected” the offer. A return to the 1949 lines (with a few minuscule land swaps), Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, return of the so-called 5,000,000-and-counting “refugees” to Israel, and, and, and . . .

And by the way, once the two sides sit down . . . what will be left for Israel to give away? Nothing but Israel itself. 

PM Netanyahu has indeed gone mad. 


Picture source and translation source: MEMRI

Picture source and translation source: MEMRI

Your humble servant continues to focus on the Temple Mount today simply because he finds the situation there so egregious that all else pales in comparison.

The world seems to think that the million Muslims who are going to the Mount during Ramadan are there to peacefully pray and practice their religion. What the Israeli government thinks is anyone’s guess since it has become so craven with political correctness that it will not even let Jews worship in Judaism’s holiest place.

But we now have a videotape provided by MEMRI of what is actually taking place on the Mount hour after hour and day after day during Ramadan. You can watch the video in its entirety by clicking on this link. Once at the page, click on the third youtube photo on the page to play the video (the first youtube photo is atop this blog).

Below I have provided the MEMRI translation of the video for those who do not wish to click on the link. The words are those of a Muslim cleric on the Temple Mount exhorting his fellow Muslims. Most of this was delivered in the form of a chant wherein the cleric made a statement or uttered a phrase, and then the crowd repeated it (for purposes of space I have omitted some of the repetitions).

“Allah Akbar. May America be destroyed. Allah Akvar. May France be destoyed. Allah Akbar. May Rome be conquered. Allah Akbar. May American be destroyed. Allah Akbar. May Britain be destroyed.

We warn you O America: Take your hands off the Muslims. You have wreaked havoc in Syria, and before that in Afghanistan and in Iraq, and now in Egypt.

Who do you think we are, America? We are the nation of Islam–a giant and mighty nation, which extends from east to west. Soon, we will teach you a political and military lesson, Allah willing.

Allah Akbar. All glory to Allah. Allah Akbar. All glory to Allah. 

Oh Obama, listen up. The Caliphate shall return. Oh Obama, listen up. The Caliphate shall return. Say Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar.

Oh Obama, listen up. Our nation will never kneel in submission. The Caliphate shall return. Oh Obama, listen up. The Caliphate shall return. Our nation will never be humiliated. We are the nation of the best men. We want to cleanse it of the impure.

Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews. The army of Muhammad will return. Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews. The army of Muhammad will return.

Down with America and with all its dogs. Down with America and with all its dogs. Down with America and with all its dogs. Whoever negotiates with America is a collaborator and a coward.

Down with the peaceful solution. Down with the peaceful solution.”

This is what Israel is permitting to take place on the Temple Mount every moment during Ramadan–under the guise of religious freedom. Muslim clerics are calling for the destruction of Israel and attacks on the West.

Why is the world quiet? Where is the international outrage? Why doesn’t the Israeli government close down the Temple Mount immediately to all Muslims?

*Please note that Khaybar refers to the Battle of Khaybar in 629 CE in which Muhammad and his Muslim followers massacred and expelled Jews from the town of Khaybar. 


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