Fractures Form in the “Peace Negotiations” Charade

UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Sunday, September 8 2013:

*All of Israel surreally waits for President Obama’s address on Tuesday night concerning a possible attack on Syria. Various news sources around the Middle East are reporting this morning that an attack on Syria is planned for the 13th or 14th. The truth, of course, is that nobody knows if or when an attack may take place.

But Israel is more prepared than it was this time last week. In your humble servant’s personal case, we received our new gas masks with atropine last Wednesday to our home here in Ashdod via delivery by the postal service. And we spent the better part of the morning yesterday sealing off our bomb shelter from a possible gas/chemical weapons attack.

*The events of the last few days on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem gives one pause for hope. After years of allowing themselves to be pushed around by the Islamic Wakf, the Jerusalem Police have been fighting back. In response to Palestinian attempts to thwart Rosh Hashana prayers by hurling “rocks” at worshipers, the police have arrested scores of perpetrators and positioned more police on the Mount itself.

*The Egyptian Army is continuing its attacks on terrorists in the Sinai. At least 30 were killed or wounded yesterday near Sheikh Zuweid, a small town just a few kilometers from Gaza. Meanwhile, terrorists bombed a Cairo police station, attempted to bomb the rail line between Suez and Ismailia, and forced an Egyptian Airways plane to be grounded because of the threat of suicide bombers.


You will remember, dear reader, that several days ago, it was noted in this blog that the Palestinian dripping of leaks about the so-called “peace” negotiations has turned into a flood.

It has been revealed this morning that Tommy Molcho, Netanyahu’s representative at the talks, has lodged an official and scathing protest over the Palestinian behavior. Molcho contacted Martin Indyk and told him that the Palestinian actions “violated all the agreements” that the Palestinians made with John Kerry.

Apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back was an interview that Mahmoud Abbas gave to “Al-Hayat al-Jadida”. In that interview, Abbas had this to say: “We told the present Israeli negotiators that if you want to go back on what was agreed with Olmert, we will go back on our agreement for a land swap and so we will ask for all of the 1967 land as is.”

The unbelievable offer that  Olmert made to Abbas back in 2008. The Palestinians would have received virtually everything they supposedly demand.

The unbelievable offer that Olmert made to Abbas back in 2008. The Palestinians would have received virtually everything they supposedly demand.

The irony of this situation is that Mahmoud Abbas never agreed to Ehud Olmert’s proposal back in 2008.  In fact, he never even responded to it. But now, Abbas wants to act as if Israel is backtracking on an “agreement.”

The simple fact is that fractures in the “peace process” are now appearing in all directions: between Israel’s chief negotiator Tzipi Livni and Molcho, between Israelis and Palestinians, and even among the Palestinians themselves.

The "anti-peace negotiations" march in Ramallah yesterday (photo source: Maan).

The “anti-peace negotiations” march in Ramallah yesterday. Just who exactly does Abbas supposedly speak for? (photo source: Maan).

With every PLO/PA representative reporting that there has been absolutely no progress in the talks, your humble servant wonders just how long this charade can go on. The answer to that question is just as long as Netanyahu thinks that Obama will support him on Iran.


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