“Let Us Descend Into The Blind World”

UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Monday, September 9 2013:

*President Obama’s supposed attempt to obtain authorization for a strike against Syria–“supposed” because it was authorization that everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten that he did not need to begin with–continues with a possible vote being taken in both Houses of the U.S. Congress on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, Obama has succeeded in dragging Israel ever deeper into the Syrian quagmire. While he has refused to involve his own Democratic lobbying machine in the effort “to convince” senators and representatives, he has disingenuously pushed AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and PM Netanyahu to engage in American domestic politics and lobby for him.  

*On a more culinary note: remember the unfortunate Zionist spy stork that was arrested and interrogated in Egypt two weeks ago by a team led by two Egyptian brigadier generals? It turns out that after the poor stork was released, it flew happily away to a small island in the Nile where it was killed and eaten by locals.


“Let us descend into the blind world.”

Canto IV, The First Circle of Hell”,  Dante Alighieri

The endless striving of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu to provide aid to those who are trying to destroy us is beyond all understanding.

If Netanyahu’s government is not providing money and materiel to Hamas at the very moment Hamas is shooting rockets at southern Israel, it is compensating the families of Turkish terrorists who tried to kill Israeli soldiers on board the Mavi Marmara. If it is not providing unfettered access to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to more than 1,000,000 Islamists so they can hold daily Ramadan demonstrations calling for Israel’s destruction, it is releasing hundreds of murderous killers in return for nothing so that they can kill more Israelis.

Yet just when you thought that things could not get more insane, yesterday the Netanyahu government devolved ever deeper into the depths of lunacy.

In the face of a worldwide Palestinian attempt to wreck the economy of Israel by calling for boycotts of Israel, divestment from Israel, and sanctions against Israel, the Netanyahu cabinet voted to approve 5000 more Palestinian work permits for Palestinians to work in Israel.

What this means is that 5000 more Palestinians will be working in Israel–adding to the 35,000 Palestinians who already working here with permits–and who knows how many tens of thousands who are already living and working in Israel illegally.

And why you may ask would Israel want to provide bolster the Palestinian economy while the Palestinians are trying to destroy ours? The reasons given my Netanyahu’s minions yesterday ranged from “it is in Israel’s interest” to Tzipi Livni’s bizarre “it helps improve Israel’s international position.”

Livni’s demented argument was something along the lines that because of the fact that European Union representatives are supposed to arrive in Israel in two days to “clarify” the draconian restrictions that the E.U. recently enacted against Israel–and because John Kerry actively sought to delay the implementation of the restrictions as long as the “peace negotiations” are going on–then the granting of the work permits would be an Israeli gesture to the international community in general and to the Europeans in particular.

Did you get all of that? We are supposed to make a gesture to the very Europeans who just voted to severely curtail academic, cultural, and business contacts with Israel? And somehow this is related to the “peace process” because John Kerry tried to get a delay in the implementation of the restrictions?

In the end, Netanyahu’s schizophrenic cabinet decided to reject Livni’s psychotic reasoning and instead just opt for its usual lunacy by approving the work permits.

But your humble servant is left wondering how far down into the circles of the lunacy abyss has the Netanyahu government descended and in what circle of that abyss will it find itself tomorrow?


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