A Craven Failure of Will: Obama and West Embrace Rohani

UPDATES 10 am Israel time, Thursday, September 19 2013:

*You may remember, dear reader, that in yesterday’s blog, your humble servant mentioned that the iron that Israel proudly announced two days ago that it is now transporting into Gaza everyday is actually used to make the Qassam rockets that strike Israel. Not surprisingly, in the last 18 hours we have had two Qassam attacks on the men, women, and children of southern Israel. The first occurred yesterday afternoon just after 4:40 pm, and the second occurred at 1:39 am this morning.

No physical injuries have been reported, but as is usual, the emotional distress of hearing the sirens go off, having to run for your life to the nearest bomb shelter, listening for the explosion, coming out of the bomb shelter, and then tensely waiting for the next siren to go off is incalculable.

*The Syrians continue moving large quantities of chemical weapons out of Syria and into Lebanon. According to new reports, at least one cubic meter of Sarin gas has been transferred to Hezbollah along with numerous ballistic missiles tipped with chemical warheads.

All of these weapons are being stored in warehouses (see picture below) in areas along the virtually nonexistent border in which the Lebanese Army has no access. They are under the sole control of Hezbollah. Meanwhile Assad continues to give interview after interview to Western media in which he claims to want to give up his chemical arsenal.

Note the small blue "boxes"--Hezbollah chemical weapons warehouses.

Note the small blue “boxes”–Hezbollah chemical weapons warehouses–in the area known as the eastern Bekaa Valley. The yellow line to the right is the border between Lebanon and Syria.


It is amazing to see the continuing inability of the West to cope with evil. In what can only be described as a failure of will, Western democracies desperately cling to the duplicitous words of despots in order to find a way not to act. In their desperation, these democracies are assisted by their own Western media who will go to any length to portray a “kinder and gentler” Assad, or a more “humane and peace-seeking” Mahmoud Abbas.  

Now that the West has finished with Bashar Assad, leaving his huge chemical weapons repository intact and now spread all over Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran, the time has come to rehabilitate Iran.

Never mind that nothing has changed.

Tehran still runs under the total control of the ayatollahs–and specifically the Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. But now, we are told by Western leaders and their media that Iran has a new president who is more moderate and who is anxious to reach an accommodation with the West over the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Iranian president Hassan Rohani addressing the Iranian parliament--not the smiling picture of Rohani that the western media likes to portray (photo source: AP).

Iranian president Hassan Rohani “addressing” the Iranian parliament–not the smiling picture of Rohani that the western media likes to portray (photo source: AP).

That president, Hassan Rohani, has even sent a letter to President Obama who in turn has feverishly sent one back to him. We don’t know exactly what either of the letters said, but we did get pusillanimous tidbit from White House spokesman Jay Carney yesterday:  “In his [Obama’s] letter the president indicated that the US is ready to resolve the nuclear issue in a way that allows Iran to demonstrate that its nuclear program is for exclusively peaceful purposes. Any resolution would have to come through a verifiable compliance and a verifiable commitment by Iran to give up its nuclear weapons ambitions.”

Say what? Who is kidding whom here? Iran has been hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons for years now, and President Obama suddenly thinks that the powerless Rohani is going to bring its nuclear weapons program to a halt?

After all, didn’t Rohani just tell NBC news (which along with its sister network MSNBC is the most aggressively pro-Obama news network in the U.S.) that Iran “will never develop nuclear weapons” and “I have full authority to make a deal of on our nuclear program.”

What nonsense.

This is the same Hassan Rohani who said in an interview in Farsi to the Iranian News Agency Mehr on September 10–nine days ago–that “Iran will not forgo any part of our nuclear program”, adding that “Iran has a complete right to all nuclear technology.”

But Obama and the West only hear what they want to hear. As your humble servant has been writing for years, Obama would never attack Iran and would never support an Israeli attack on Iran. Neither would any other country in the West.

Theirs is simply a craven failure of will.






And in exactly the same way that the western media rushed in to give a picture of a “gentler” more humane Assad, it is now doing the same with Hossan Rouhani, Iran’s newly elected president.



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