Breaking the Silence about “Breaking the Silence”

UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Friday, October 25 2013:

**200 Jews arrived in the Hebron area this morning to visit two ancient synagogues in and around the city, one at Sussiya (which your humble servant visited last month), and the other at Tuwwani (see picture below):

Praying this morning on Mt. Hebron at the site of the ancient synagogue. Notice how the Muslims built a synagogue over the beside the Jewish place of worship which was subsequently destroyed (picture source: Observation Agency).

Praying this morning on Mt. Hebron at the site of the ancient synagogue. Notice how the Muslims built a synagogue over/beside the Jewish place of worship which was subsequently destroyed centuries ago (picture source: Observation Agency).

**Bayit Yehudi (the Jewish Home Party of Naftali Bennett) will propose a new law on Sunday “to stop the shameful release of terrorists in the future.” But such a law will not come fast enough to stop the Netanyahu government’s release this coming week of more murderous Palestinian terrorists who will be free to kill more Israeli men, women, and children.

**More information is now available about the municipal elections held on Tuesday. Bayit Yehudi climbed from 78 city council members across Israel to 106; Yesh Atid (Yair Lapid’s party) climbed from having no city council members to having 32; Shas (the Sephardic orthodox party) representation on city councils rose by 20%.

One of big losers of the evening was Hanin Zoabi, the virulently anti-Israel former Knesset member who was running for mayor of Nazareth. Zoabi who has ridden on terrorist boats trying to break the Gaza blockade and who regularly calls for the elimination of Israel, came in a distant third to the incumbent Christian mayor and a Muslim contender. Even this morning that race has yet to be decided with fewer than 20 votes separating the two.

**For the first time in history, a Druze officer, Col. Ghassan Alian, was druzeappointed commander of one of Israel’s premier IDF units–the Golani Brigade. The Druze, Israeli-Arabs who live on the Golan Heights, have long served the IDF honorably at many different levels but never as commander.

**Catherine Ashton, the Baroness Buffoon and Foreign Minister of the European Union, met with the unelected but self-proclaimed president of the Palestinian Authority (aka the PLO) Mahmoud Abbas yesterday and immediately called for Abbas to “kiss and make up” with Hamas in Gaza.

The Baroness issued a statement saying that “reconciliation and Palestinian unity is an important component of a Palestinian state and the arrival of a future two-state solution.” Ashton seems to outdo herself each day in her quest to produce the most ignorant blather on the planet.

**There was a major development in Syria overnight. A rebel battalion overran a Syrian army position 30 km south of the Turkish border and took control of several batteries of SCUD missiles.  The battalion, Jabhat al-Nusra, is affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

**The IDF confirmed yesterday afternoon that it is abandoning its positions within southern Israeli communities along the Gaza border. The decision had already been announced but had been delayed after protests from southern leaders. After the IDF confirmation last night, these leaders blasted the IDF for a “mistaken decision” indicating “opacity and lack of understanding of reality.” They went on to say that such a decision ultimately harms the population and creates a sense that the IDF doesn’t care about the “residents’ security.”


One of the most repulsive features of life in Israel is the way that the government tolerates the neverending efforts of so-called “human rights” NGOs to undermine and delegitimize the country. Most of these NGOs are funded by foreign governments and organizations dedicated to Israel’s demise.

Yesterday we had yet another example as the mindless group “Minds for Peace” was waving the Palestinian flag in Jerusalem:

The meeting in Jerusalem yesterday of anti-Zionist rabbis, Palestinians, and Israeli leftists.

The meeting in Jerusalem yesterday of anti-Zionist rabbis, Palestinians, and Israeli leftists.

But one of the most egregious NGOs in recent years has been “Breaking the Silence”. This group regularly travels the world broadcasting its message of hatred of Israel by speaking to community organizations and appearing on such media as Iranian TV.

The group’s particular niche is accusing Israel of “war crimes” and “violations of international law.” Specifically, it supports the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement in its effort to delegitimize, de-Judaize, and destroy the state of Israel.

Just so you can get an idea of how NGOs such as Breaking the Silence disseminate their allegations, here is a brief list of where Breaking the Silence has been over the last 12 months (taken from ngo-monitor click here for the complete article):

Willy Brandt Haus in Berlin, Bard-Fordham-Oberlin-Carleton Colleges in the U.S., University of Chicago, UC Berkeley-Los Angeles-San Diego, Stanford, Occidental College, ABC TV and National Radio-Australia, German radio, University of Pennsylvania, The Graduate Institute in Geneva, J Street Conference in Washington DC, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, France 24 Radio, Wesleyan-Harvard-Brandeis Universities, and the list goes on and on.

Oh, and one last thing. Where does the money come from to fund this particularly hideous NGO?

In 2012, Breaking the Silence was primarily funded by the European Union, the New Israel Fund, Christian Aid of the United Kingdom, Danish Church Aid, and the governments of Spain and Norway. 

Europeans, British and Danish Christians, ultra leftist Israelis–all working together with Breaking the Silence to end the Jewish State of Israel. 









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