Will “heavy” Palestinian murderers of more than one Israeli be released or not?

UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Sunday, October 27 2013:

**The time in Israel moved back an hour at 2 am this morning bringing summer to an official end. Sunset today will be at 4:59 pm.

**There was a particularly egregious series of “rock” throwing attacks by Palestinian terrorists outside of Hebron near Al-Fawwar yesterday afternoon. A busload of students was assaulted and at least 8 passengers had to be treated by MADA for “moderate” wounds caused by shattered glass and “shrapnel”. By the time all of the students arrived at Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, most of them were suffering from shock.

Interestingly, another person who was lightly wounded in the barrage was a Palestinian girl who was riding in a car with her parents near the buses. She too was transferred to a hospital by the Red Crescent.

By the way, tens of thousands of Jews were in Hebron this weekend celebrating Shabbat Chayei Sarah.

A few of the worshipers in Hebron yesterday (picture source: arutz sheva).

A few of the worshipers in Hebron yesterday (picture source: arutz sheva).

Chayei Sarah (Life of Sarah) is the 5th weekly Torah portion in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah. It consists of Genesis 23:1 through Genesis 25:18, and is the portion dealing with Abraham’s negotiations to secure a burial place for his wife Sarah in Hebron.

**Opposition to Hamas in Gaza is negligible; nevertheless, a small protest campaign is supposed to being on November 11. Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hamad instructed Hamas security forces yesterday to “shoot all protesters in the head.”

**It appears that Egypt is actually flourishing in the wake of having Washington cut off monetary and military aid. Yesterday, the United Arab Emirates signed another agreement with Egypt to supply 1.9 billion dollars in aid. Since the Obama Administration froze assistance to Cairo several weeks ago, the Gulf countries have poured about 12 billion dollars into Egypt–more than enough money for the Egyptian Army to go on a shopping spree in Moscow. 


The Netanyahu government continues in disarray this morning in advance of the proposed Palestinian terrorist release to be decided on by the Cabinet this afternoon.

The last few days have seen Naftali Bennett’s Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) launch a full-scale assault on Tzipi Livni. In an official statement on Friday, Bayit Yehudi correctly accused Livni of “releasing terrorists in return for the repugnant “right” of meeting with [head Palestinian “negotiator”] Saeb Erekat.

Of course, Bayit Yehudi is also proposing a law in the Knesset today to stop the future release of any Palestinian terrorist murderers. For his part, Bennett remarked on Friday that he would rather Netanyahu freeze construction in Judea and Samaria than release another murderer on the street.

In response, Livni has once again revealed the sheer depth of her lack of understanding of everyday Israelis who support the position of Bayit Yehudi. On Friday, she had one of her minions issue this bizarre statement: “The people who are releasing terrorists are the same people who resisted to freezing settlement construction.”

You think? Of course we are the same people. Releasing Palestinian murderers and stopping the building of Jewish homes, schools, and hospitals are both bad ideas. It is just astonishing that Livni doesn’t get it.

But wait, there is more. Livni’s minion went on to add: 

“Livni isn’t running this negotiation on behalf of herself. She was always against releasing terrorists . . . “

Say what? Always against releasing terrorists? Tzipi Livni has been in favor of every prisoner release that has ever taken place.

Not running this negotiation on behalf of herself? Livni’s life is her hobnobbing with international politicians and speaking to left-wing organizations. Pictures with Kerry, pictures at J Street, pictures with Erekat; Tzipi Livni never met a photographer she didn’t like.

But Livni shouldn’t worry. Benjamin Netanyahu is out to lunch over the Iran issue, and the die is cast; the cabinet will approve the release of the murderers by the end of the day.

The only question left is “how heavy” the prisoners will be; in Israeli parlance, this means: “Will Israel agree to release terrorists who have killed more than one Israeli or not?” 





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