Vive La France!

SPECIAL NOTICE: For the next 48 hours, your humble servant will be traveling along the Syrian and Lebanese borders and will update this blog as possible. Our specific route will take us north from Ashdod to Tzippori to Tzfat, then along the Syrian border to Neve Ativ on Mt. Hermon–and then along the Lebanese border. In some of these areas, internet connections are sketchy at best.

UPDATES 7 am Israel time, Sunday, November 10 2013:

**Israel is still aghast at the John Kerry interview on Israeli TV (reported on israelstreet yesterday). His denunciation of Israel, his blaming of Israel and Israelis for lack of progress in his treasured “peace talks”, and his complete adoption of the Palestinian perspective with no criticism whatsoever for the lack of even one Palestinian compromise on anything has spoken volumes to the Israeli public and to the Netanyahu government about America’s true intent in the talks.

That intent, expressed clearly by Kerry, is the establishment of a Palestinian state on the entire area of Judea and Samaria with minor land swaps but no IDF presence in the Jordan Valley or elsewhere–in other words, a Palestinian state with no security for Israel.

**November 9th and 10th, 1938: Germans participated in and watched as their Nazi government burned down synagogues, destroyed Jewish homes and businesses, and arrested more than 26,000 Jews–most of whom were later murdered in so-called concentration camps. This event became known as “Kristallnacht”. 

Perhaps the following poster can give you some idea about the sequence of events that led to Kristallnacht.  Even if you can’t read German, your humble servant is sure you can get the idea–note especially the use of the words “Jude” and “Juden” and  “Boykott”:



It appears for the moment that the headlong Western rush to enter into an agreement with Iran has been paused–though John Kerry has just issued a statement saying that the two sides are “close”. 

Fortunately, there appears to be one country that has the gumption to stand up to Tehran, demanding that the Iranians agree to verifiable reductions in their repository of enriched uranium, to reductions in their vast number of centrifuges used to refine uranium, and to cessation of construction of their Arak heavy water facility that is supposed to go online next year.

This particular country is also the country that was most infuriated by the American refusal to go forward with a strike on Bashar Assad’s arsenal in Syria.

So while Catherine Ashton and the European Union and the Americans now led by John Kerry have been laughingly fawning all over the Iranians in Geneva, this one country has brought the fawners down to some semblance of reality.

It is in this context that your humble servant utters the famous phrase this morning:

Vive la France!

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