Updates From The Israeli Golan

SPECIAL NOTICE: For 24 more hours, your humble servant will be traveling along the Syrian border and will update this blog as possible. Our specific route yesterday took us north from Ashdod to Tsippori to Tzfat, then along the Lebanese border to Neve Ativ on Mt. Hermon. Today we are going to the top of Mt. Hermon then along the Israeli Golan/Syrian border to Katzrin. In these areas, internet connections are sketchy at best.

The regular israelstreet blog resumes tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and will carry a report on part of your humble servant’s travels.

UPDATES 5 pm Israel time, Monday, November 11 2013

From Neve Atif:

*There has been intense fighting on the Syrian side of the border along the Golan during the last 24 hours. Tomorrow’s blog will give more details.

*A special session of the International Committee for the Protection of the Mount of Olives revealed today that there were 24 Palestinian terrorist events on the Mount last month. These included “rock” and Molotov cocktail throwing as well as arson.

*This afternoon alone, there have been three “significant” “rock” throwing attacks in Judea and Samaria: on Route 60 near Karmi Tsur, on the road near Sway, and at the Boxer triangle. Motorists have been wounded and cars badly damaged. And where is the IDF? Destroying another fledgling Jewish community–this time at Moreh Hill.

Another Palestinian terrorist has attempted to stab an IDF soldier at the Tapuach Junction. Fortunately, she was unsuccessful and captured. Yet another Palestinian has just been captured at a checkpoint near Tulkarm armed with a rifle.



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