Eden Atias, Proud Son Of Israel: May Your Memory Be Blessed

UPDATES 9 am Israel time, Thursday, November 14 2013:

**The circus in Washington continued apace yesterday as the Obama Administration frenetically tried to tamp down Congressional support for increasing sanctions on Iran.

John Kerry on part of his whirlwind campaign in Washington yesterday to blast Israel and take the heat off of Iran (picture source: Getty Images).

John Kerry on part of his whirlwind campaign in Washington yesterday to blast Israel and take the heat off of Iran (picture source: Getty Images).

First we had the ringleader, Secretary of State John Kerry, blasting Israel yet again in a Banking Committee briefing that one committee member, Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois, described as “one of the most anti-Israel briefings I’ve heard”Kirk reported that committee members were told by Kerry and Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman to “not believe anything the Israelis tell us in the context of the Iranian situation.”

Kerry, Sherman, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice all said that there is now a deal on the table, the first stage of which would call on Iran to suspend its nuclear program for six months in return for “limited temporary sanction relief.” Rice went on to say that the deal was necessary to “buy time” necessary to reach a full agreement with the Iranians.

“Buy time”? Your humble servant would like to point out yet again that the West has now “bought time” in “negotiations” with the Iranians about their nuclear program for more than 10 years–while that nuclear program has amassed all of the materials necessary to produce nuclear bombs on a massive scale.   

Senator Kirk responded to all of this by comparing the actions of the  current American administration to the appeasement of Neville Chamberlain, saying that despite what the Obama minions said, “I believe the Israelis.”

**Speaking of John Kerry, Palestinians are heeding his call for a third intifada. Here is an abbreviated summary of the events in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria over the last 24 hours:

–a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the guard station at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem; Palestinian terrorists attacked worshipers and Israeli security personnel at Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem; Palestinian terrorists threw “rocks” in Abu Vesnina; a group of some 50 Palestinians threw “rocks” at Israelis near the intersection of Khader Atzion; Palestinian terrorists threw a Molotov cocktail at an Israeli motorist near the Yitzhar intersection–setting the car on fire; Palestinian terrorists threw “rocks at the Gilad Farm, Beit Hadassah in Hebron, and at the Strawberry Tariq checkpoint in Hebron where an Israeli soldier was murdered a few months ago.


IDF soldier Eden Atias--brutally stabbed to death yesterday.

IDF soldier Eden Atias–brutally stabbed to death yesterday.

Twenty five hours ago 18-year-old Eden Atias was just another young Israeli trying to serve his country. He had proudly enlisted in the IDF two weeks ago.

Because his base was close enough to his home in Nazareth Illit, Eden was commuting every day on a bus route that took him through Afula. Yesterday morning, the sleepy Eden got onto his bus and fell asleep in his seat on his way to basic training. 

Just as the bus was arriving at the Afula central bus station, a Palestinian terrorist from Jenin who had somehow illegally entered Israel and gotten on the bus, took out his knife and began stabbing the sleeping Eden. By the time that a female IDF soldier and a Border Guard traveling on the same bus managed to subdue the terrorist, Eden had multiple stab wounds–at least two in his neck and two more in his heart. 

When paramedics arrived within minutes, Eden was still fighting for life and was even conscious as he was taken off the bus–despite losing an extraordinary amount of blood. 30 minutes later–as doctors did their best to save him–Eden died at the hospital in Afula.

At 11:00 pm last night, Eden Atias was buried at the cemetery in Nazareth Illit at a funeral attended by thousands. His mother wept “Eden come home!” during the service.

Through the day yesterday and into the evening, young people in Afula led demonstrations at the bus station. Chanting “Jewish blood is not cheap”, they marched around the station.

The Palestinian terrorist murderer, Hussein Jawadra, was following in the tradition of his family in Jenin. One of his [brothers/uncles/cousins–it is unclear this morning] is in an Israeli jail serving 12 years for attempted murder. Another [brother/uncle/cousin] is serving three life sentences for the murder of two Israelis and the attempted murder of several others. 

One last detail, the 6′ tall Jawadra is 16 years old, and because of his age is likely to be classified as a “child” by the Israeli judicial system and by international NGOs that are already sickeningly rushing to defend him.  Don’t be surprised if he is out on the street to kill again within 5 years. 

The head of the Almagor Terror Victims Association, Meir Indor, summed up the sad situation like this:

“[Jawadra] carried out the attack knowing that no one would try to kill him for fear of prosecution, but he also knew that if he was caught and tried, his sentence would be commuted via another [prisoners’ release] deal. Until then, he would sit in prison and receive a university degree. Once released, he will receive a hero’s welcome in Ramallah and then a generous pension for the rest of his life. What a great deal!

The hand that held the knife today may have been that of a Palestinian “teenager”, but he was sent by Abu Mazen and his associates in the PA.”

In your humble servant’s opinion, Palestinian murderers should receive the death penalty–16 years old or not. 

Eden Atias: proud son of Israel. May your memory be blessed.

Eden Atias: proud son of Israel.

May your memory be blessed.



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