Israel Kowtows To the Americans Again: The Rantis and Beit Anun Checkpoints

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UPDATES 10 am Israel time, Saturday, December 7 2013:

*Fighting on or near Israel’s southern and northern borders overnight morning: in the south, Egyptian security forces intercepted and engaged three squads of heavily armed terrorists just east of El Arish and Sheikh Zweid (within a few kilometers of the Gaza border).

In the ensuing firefight, all of the terrorists were killed or captured.

On the northern border,  an explosive device was detonated near an IDF patrol on the Israeli Golan Heights. One of the jeeps that the soldiers were riding in was badly damaged, but fortunately there were no casualties. 

*On his way out of the country yesterday, U.S. Secretary of State said that Israelis and Palestinians “are closer to peace than they have been in years.” It is difficult to know if this just more blather foaming out of Kerry’s ever unctuous mouth, or whether there is really cause for optimism. 

As of this morning, “unnamed sources” are saying that the Israel concession talks are being extended beyond the six months that are remaining on the nine-month timetable, and that John Kerry himself plans to greatly increase the amount of time he is in Israel in the coming months so that he can oversee the process.

What this probably means is that talks are not going that well after all, but if Kerry camps in Netanyahu’s office, he can wring ever more concessions out of our craven prime minister. As the PLO’s total rejection of the American bridging proposal a few days ago indicates, Kerry is certainly wringing no concessions out of Mahmoud Abbas. 


Just how pathetically indifferent the Obama Administration and the Netanyahu Administration are to Israelis living in Judea and Samaria was demonstrated yet again yesterday.

At precisely the moment, when attacks on Jewish residents have reached a fever pitch with as many as 50 to 100 “rock” and Molotov cocktail throwing incidents per day, the Obama Administration has ordered Israel to remove more checkpoints in order to allow Palestinians freedom of travel–checkpoints which have been incredibly successful in stopping Palestinian terrorists.

Can you even believe this American arrogance? Can you believe that Israel would kowtow to such a demand?

The past few months have seen Israeli soldiers shot and killed, Israeli men, women, and children wounded, and scores of Israelis traumatized. And yet, the Obama Administration and its lackey the Netanyahu government want to give greater freedom of movement to Palestinian terrorists?

This week has seen the Rantis checkpoint on the road that leads to Ramallah removed. 

But even more unbelievable is the checkpoint in the Beit Anun area 5 km northeast of Hebron that the Americans–through their USAID program–are overseeing the removal of in the coming weeks.

Stop and think about this for a moment: a soldier killed in Hebron, Israelis stabbed in Hebron, Israeli buses burned near Hebron, and soldiers and citizens under daily “rock” attacks in and around Hebron. And the Beit Anun checkpoint is being removed at the demand of the U.S. government?

In essence, the opening of this checkpoint will be just one more step in the process of checkpoint removals that now allows Palestinian terrorists to flow unimpeded from Jenin in northern Samaria to Hebron.

If all of this is not bad enough, the IDF’s cretinous COGAT unit chimed in yesterday with this nonsense: “Depending on the situation and security considerations, concrete barriers were removed. Security of the region is not damaged from the removal of these barriers, and protecting the safety continues to be a major task of the IDF. “

What a joke. The IDF General Command provides little if any safety for any Israelis in Judea and Samaria, and everyone knows it.  

The degree to which Benjamin Netanyahu has become a servant of the U.S.–even to the point of endangering the lives of Israeli citizens living in Judea and Samaria is pathetic. And just as pathetic is the IDF’s inability to defend the same citizens.


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