Ironies Ironies Everywhere . . . And Not a Drop of Common Sense

UPDATES 5 pm Israel time, Saturday, December 21 2013:

As the caption notes, this was Mandela in Algeria in 1962--from Algeria, he traveled to Ethiopia where he was trained by the Israeli Mossad (picture

As the caption notes, this was Mandela in Algeria in 1962–from Algeria, he traveled to Ethiopia where he was trained by Israel’s Mossad (picture

**Secret documents released on Thursday (by a researcher who happened to stumble upon them while going through archival information) show that agents of Israel’s Mossad trained Nelson Mandela in Ethiopia in 1962. After Israel trained him in weaponry and sabotage, Mandela returned to South Africa to fight against the apartheid regime, and as the world knows was subsequently arrested and imprisoned.

Of course, the irony of this situation occurred in the decades that followed when Mandela turned against Israel and embraced Yasser Arafat and the Palestinians.


Israeli soldiers in vehicles like these are at increasing danger along the Gaza border (picture source: Times of Israel).

Israeli soldiers in vehicles like these are at increasing danger along the Gaza border from IEDs planted by Palestinian terrorists (picture source: Times of Israel).

Speaking of irony.

Just think back over the last month at a short list of the parade of “gestures” that Israel has made to the terrorists in Gaza:

*As Egypt has shut down smuggling tunnel after tunnel and severely restricted the hours of the Rafah Crossing to the point of closing it altogether, it has been Israel that has opened wide its own crossings into Gaza to supply the “needy” Gazans with humanitarian supplies.

*As the “poor” terrorists in Hamas were supposedly sinking in a sea of water following the recent storm, it was Israel that rushed in pumps to dry out Gazan streets.

*As the “desperate” terrorists in Gaza were suffering from a lack of fuel at the Gaza power plant and huddling in the cold and dark, it was Israel that rushed in tons of fuel oil for the plant to resume operation.

*As “needy, poor, and desperate” terrorists in Gaza have run low on construction materials, it is Israel that is now allowing industrial scale concrete into the enclave–despite the fact that Israel has clear evidence that Hamas is using the concrete to build tunnels into Israel.

The list goes on and on.

All of these gestures have been courtesy of the infamous IDF COGAT (Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories) unit–a unit that oozes political correctness and craves international approbation.

The irony of course is that Gaza is an independent, self-governing terrorist state; it is not a territory of Israel, though COGAT’s endless gestures toward Gaza leads the world to suppose that it is.  

But on to the greater irony. 

One might think that the never-ending humanitarian gestures for peace would have brought a reciprocal response from Hamas.  Well you would be right dear reader. Hamas is responding more strongly than ever.

In the last 48 hours:

On Friday morning, a group of terrorists approaching the border fence were spotted by an IDF patrol which fired on the group wounding two.

Later on Friday morning, another terrorist from Gaza attempted to breach the fence near Beit Hanoun and was shot and killed by the IDF.

Still later on Friday, Hamas fired mortars at Sha’ar Hanegev.

At 12:19 pm today, more terrorists approached the border fence and attempted to lay IEDs and other explosives in an area patrolled by the IDF. Fortunately, the terrorists were spotted, fired upon, and hit.

Following this last incident, an “unofficial” IDF spokesman reported that this has been the pattern of the last few weeks–more and more explosives are being planted by Hamas along the border fence in an effort to blow up Israeli soldiers.

The ultimate irony is that the more Israel tries to help Gaza, the more Hamas senses weakness, and the more Israeli lives are put in danger. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this dynamic; it merely takes someone with common sense–a commodity that it is in dramatically short supply within the IDF these days.  

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