“We stand firmly with the Israeli people against terror.” (LOL)

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Monday, December 23 2013:

Within the last hour, an Israeli policeman has been stabbed in the back near the community of Adam near Jerusalem.  Seriously wounded, he he has been taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center for emergency surgery.

This follows a violent day of “rocks”, Molotov cocktails, mortars and rockets all over Israel. Ten minutes ago, a Palestinian terrorist threw an IED at IDF soldiers at Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem. Numerous Israeli motorists have had their cars smashed and even set on fire. Fortunately, there have been no physical injuries. A mortar fired from Syria struck near an Israeli community on the Golan Heights a few hours ago.

Meanwhile, in the south, residents of the Chof Ashkelon and Eshkol regions were sent running to their bomb shelters at midnight last night by screeching sirens warning of incoming rockets from Gaza. What followed was the usual dissembling: the IDF began by reporting that no rockets hit Israel; then came the IDF news that the rockets probably hit “open spaces”; finally, there was the news this morning that at least one rocket was found in the driveway between two houses in the Lachish region.

A small part of the rocket that narrowly missed two houses (and that the IDF claimed did not hit Israel at all). Photo source: ynet).

A small part of the rocket that narrowly missed two houses (and that the IDF claimed did not hit Israel at all). Photo source: ynet).


The various comments that have been issued in the wake of yesterday’s attempted bus bombing in Bat Yam have been instructive. American Secretary of State John Kerry and British Foreign Secretary William Hague have rushed to the microphones to condemn the dastardly act. Hague offered these disingenuous comments:

“I am appalled by the attempted terrorist attack on a bus south of Tel Aviv yesterday. My thoughts are with everyone affected. The UK unreservedly condemns this attack and all acts of violence. We stand firmly with the Israeli people against terror.”

What a sick joke. 

The truth is that Kerry and Hague could care less about an attempted bus bombingthey never comment on the endless series of attacks that Israelis endure everyday. Hardly a day goes by that we do not see a parade of criticism emanating from Washington and London about every step that Israel ever takes to combat terrorism.

For example, who is pushing the continued releases of Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons? None other than John Kerry and William Hague.

And what do recent reports show? That the terrorists who have most recently been released are behind the spike of terrorist violence in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. Your humble servant would not be surprised to learn that one of them planned the Bat Yam bus bombing.    

The only thing that Kerry and Hague care about is “nothing rocking the boat” of the so-called “peace” process.  Their sentiments can be summed up by the idiotic comment yesterday that rolled from the mouth of Yitzhak Herzog, the new leader of the Labor Party: “There are forces trying to destroy the peace process.”

Kerry, Hague, and Herzog have it all wrong. It’s not about the peace process at all. It is about killing Jews–just as it has always been.




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