The Blood of the Victims Is On the Hands of the Netanyahu Government, John Kerry, and Barack Obama

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Sunday, December 29 2013:

**The eruption of terrorist rocket fire against northern Israel this morning has resulted in an artillery bombardment of the locations in southern Lebanon where the rocket launchers are located.

At least four 122mm Katyushas hit the Kiryat Shmona area igniting fires and damaging buildings. By this evening, we have the ever useless UNIFIL forces in southern Lebanon declaring that they have been in touch with Israel and Lebanon and neither side wants “an escalation”–though that is exactly what the terrorists in Lebanon are seeking.

UNIFIL has also declared that it will find the perpetrators of the rocket fire. Sure. Just like it found the Lebanese Army sniper who murdered the Israeli soldier last week. By the way, Lebanon announced yesterday that the sniper has already returned to his unit and will not be charged with any crime.

It is now open season on any Israeli soldier or citizen along the Lebanese border.

**The Knesset committee chaired by MK Miri Regev advanced a bill yesterday that would annex to Israel all of the Jewish communities in the Jordan Valley and the roads leading to them. Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party indicated immediately that it would appeal the decision–which effectively means that it will be buried in committee.

Miri Regev in committee yesterday (picture: Ynet news).

Miri Regev in committee yesterday; at least someone is fighting for Israel (picture: Ynet news).

Nevertheless, listen to the Americans and Europeans howl for the next few days about the ministerial decision.

**After only one day of no Palestinian Hamas terrorist rockets, infiltrations, or attempted planting of IEDs along the Gaza Border, the IDF COGAT Unit has ridiculously announced that once again it will permit fuel deliveries to the Gaza power plant. The “good” news is that Hamas will now have the power to operate its rocket launchers and dig its infiltration tunnels into southern Israel.


Protesters against the release of the murderers (picture: Times of Israel).

Protesters against the release of the murderers (picture: Times of Israel).

It is another black day for Israel.

The moral underpinnings of this country are being torn apart by the series of Palestinian murderer releases authorized by our craven PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his equally craven cabinet at the demand of the utterly reprehensible John Kerry and Barack Obama. 

Your humble servant wrote about this extensively when the first two batches of murderers were released and can add little to the disgust he has already expressed except to say once again that no other country in the world would release such barbaric butcherers.

Here is the list of murderers and the brutal crimes they carried out against Israeli citizens and Palestinians:

1.  Muhammad Elafandi, who brutally stabbed to death two young people– Dan Rotkowitz and Yaniv Shaham–on a street in Jerusalem.

2. Farid Shahade, who tortured and murdered Israeli-Arab Yosef Farhan

3. 4. 5.  Yakoub Ramadan, Mahmad Mahmoud, and Mustafa Muhammad who stabbed 37 year old Sara Sharon to death

6. and 7. Abu al Faisal and Kamil Ahmad who shot to death IDF soldier Yoram Cohen and kidnapped, tortured, and murdered 15 fellow Palestinians

8. Damara Bilal who gruesomely stabbed to death Israeli-American Steven Frederick Rosenfeld

9. Abu Mohsin Jamal who stabbed to death 76 year old Shlomo Yahya who was working in a public park in Moshav Kadima

10. Tamimi Said who kidnapped, tortured, and murdered Hayim Mizrahi who had come to Said’s farm to buy eggs

11. Silawi Osama who murdered Motti Biton and four fellow Palestinians

12. Sawafta Mouhlas who savagely stabbed to death Yosef ben Yaacov Malkin inside his home in Haifa

13. Barham Nasser who stabbed 65 year old Morris Edri in the back as part of an initiation process to join Hamas

14., 15, 16. Yusef Al Shalabi, Mahmud Jaradat, and Mahmad Ayman who murdered numerous Palestinians

17. and 18. Muammar  Mahmoud and Salah Ibrahim, who stabbed to death Israel Prize winner Menahem Stern on the Givat Ram campus of Hebrew University

19. Shouamra Naim who murdered Israeli policeman Yosi Hayun

20. Taqtuq Ibrahim who shot to death IDF soldier Binyamin Meisner

21. Abu Hadir Yassin who shot Yigal Shahaf in the back of his head as he walked with his wife to the Kotel

22. Abu Hasin Bilal who murdered Farouq Raoud Abdulhamid abu Hader

23. Khaled Ahmad who brutally stabbed Hanan Gur to death

24. Mahmoud Suleiman who choked Shai Shoker to death

25. Barbakh Rami who murdered Yosef Zandani

26. Abu Ali Ibrahim who murdered 23 year old Ronnie Levy as he was hiking near Jerusalem

Picture source :

Picture source :

None of these victims will rest in peace–and the blood of all of these victims is on the hands of the Netanyahu government, John Kerry, and Barack Obama. And that of every Israeli who will be killed by these terrorist murderers in the weeks, months, and years to come.

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