Leah Revivo: May Your Memory Always Be Blessed

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Monday, December 30 2013:

*Israel Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon offered some refreshingly wise comments today:

“If the alternative is a European boycott or rockets fired from Nablus, Jenin, and Ramallah on Israeli cities, our strategic home front, and the Ben Gurion Airport – it is better to have a European boycott. Anyone who thinks that the conflict will be resolved on the 1967 lines is just wrong.”

Ya’alon went on to wonder out loud why some in the Israeli government were so ‘stressed out’ about time and keep saying that ‘time is working against Israel’: “There’s no need to speak immediately about possible solutions.” 

*In response to the decision of Miri Regev’s Knesset Committee to approve a proposed law to annex the Jewish communities in the Jordan Valley, the PLO has decided to hold its weekly meeting in the Jordan Valley in order to “send a message that this is Palestinian territory.” 

Next week the PLO will meet in Tel Aviv.

Saeb Erekat, the PLO’s on again off again chief negotiator added that the time has come for the Palestinians to quit the “negotiations”, join international institutions, and encourage all to follow the lead of the European Union in pushing boycotts against Israel.

*Of course, Mahmoud Abbas has no intention of quitting the “talks” until every last pre-Oslo Palestinian murderer is released from Israeli prisons.

Large demonstrations against the next release tonight have erupted across Israel–especially Jerusalem. Just across from PM Netanyahu’s residence, a large screen has ridiculously been erected between demonstrators and Netanyahu’s home so that our prime minister will not be exposed to criticism being hurled at him from the street.

Elihai ben Yishai, the brother in law of the barbarically slain Ruth Fogel (along with her husband and children), was at that demonstration yesterday and spoke for many of us when he said this about the release of the murderers: 

“As a Jew and a citizen of Israel, I am ashamed of my country’s leaders who have once again lowered their moral standards to the lowest level.

I am ashamed in the name of soldiers who risked their lives to make extraordinary efforts to capture perpetrators and planners of terror only to have the country show them again that their efforts were in vain as these terrorists are released.”


Leah Revivo. May you finally rest in peace (picture: Maariv).

Leah Revivo. May you finally rest in peace (picture: Maariv).

Leah Revivo, a 52 year Israeli, died in Beersheva yesterday.  

Her story was a remarkable one. 

On May 22, 1970, Leah was on a bus full of Israeli schoolchildren near Kibbutz Baram on the Lebanese border when it was attacked and bombed by Palestinian terrorists from the so-called Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Nine of the children were killed along with three adults.

The schoolbus that Leah was on (picture: Maariv).

The schoolbus that Leah was on (picture: Maariv).

Leah survived the attack despite being scarred all over her body from the shrapnel that hit her. The worst of the shrapnel penetrated her brain and could not be removed. 

Yet despite the fact that the 9-year-old Leah began immediately having epileptic seizures, she fought to have a “normal” life. She grew up, moved to Beersheva, got married, and mothered four children.

Over the years, however, her condition gradually deteriorated as the seizures increased and she suffered numerous brain infections.

But through it all, Leah persevered. As one of her children said yesterday: “She always encouraged us, telling us to overcome and deal with what we had.”

Two months ago she lapsed into a vegetative coma, and yesterday she died.

At her funeral she was remembered as a woman of grace who was  full of love for the land and for the Torah.

Leah always felt guilty about the fact that she survived the attack when so many of her friends died. Yesterday, she joined them–the 13th victim of that Palestinian terrorist attack back in 1970. 

Leah Revivo, a proud daughter of Israel and an inspiration to us all: may your memory always be blessed. 

*Your humble servant gratefully thanks Maariv for elements of today’s blog.



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