The Bat Yam Bombing: A Devastating Indictment of Israeli “Security”

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Friday, January 3 2013:

*Within the last three hours, there have been multiple terrorist incidents:

–in Jerusalem, a 16 year old Arab woman badly stabbed a Border Guard in the leg.

–in Bil’in, a Palestinian mob combined with international NGO lawbreakers has attacked Israeli security personnel with “rocks” and bottles.

–along the Gaza border, there have been at least three separate attempts to infiltrate Israel by Hamas terrorists. At least one terrorist has been shot and killed and two others wounded.

*It turns out that the bombing in Beirut reported on israelstreet yesterday killed yet another senior Hezbollah member of Hassan Nasrallah’s inner circle. Nabil Muhammad was killed when a Jeep loaded with 20 kilograms of explosives was detonated by an 18 year old suicide bomber from a Lebanese town on the Syrian border.

*In an interview yesterday, a former Israeli official revealed that over the years Israel secret security forces have killed virtually all of the Iranians who were involved in the bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in 1994 .


Shabak (Israel’s Shin Bet security service) announced the arrests of 14 terrorists in connection with the bombing of the bus in Bat Yam back on December 22. 

As it turns out, the entire story is an unbelievable saga of political correctness, lax security, and  . . . and . . . and. It paints a devastating picture of the Israeli security scene.    

Let’s begin with the primary terrorists:

From left to right:  (picture: Ynet)

From left to right: Hamadi Taamari, Sami Harimi, Sahada Taamari
(picture: Ynet)

Hamdi Ta’amari (21) and Shahada Taamri (24) are two brothers from Bethlehem. Both of them had already been convicted of terrorist security offenses against Israelis, served time in Israeli prison, and had been released under lenient parole guidelines.

Despite his incarceration (or more likely because of it), Hamdi Taamari is a cadet in the PLO’s Jericho Police officers’ course.

The two brothers worked with another Bethlehem resident, Yousef Salame, to construct the bomb (a “pressure cooker” bomb loaded with 2 kg of nails and bolts that was attached to a cellphone).

Some of the metal pieces that were in the pressure cooker bomb--all designed of course to inflict horrific wounds (Picture: Ynet).

Some of the metal pieces that were in the pressure cooker bomb–all designed of course to inflict horrific wounds (Picture: Ynet).

The bomb was made in Bethlehem by the Taamaris, and then handed off to another Bethlehem resident, Sami Harimi (20) who was illegally working in Jaffa at the Abulafia bakery.

Harimi then took the bomb to the southern Hebron Hills where he (along with other illegal Palestinians) infiltrated Israel through a hole in the security fence. Once across the fence, Harimi was picked up by an Israeli Beduin who regularly provides rides for illegal Palestinians. Arriving in Jaffa, Harimi stopped to pray at a Jaffa mosque before getting on the 240 bus, placing the bomb in the middle, and disembarking. 

Let’s see if we got all that:

A lenient prison system that released terrorists, training by the PLO police forces, an easily breached hole in the security fence, Palestinians illegally working in Israel, and a transportation system that regularly ferries those Palestinians from holes in the security fences to their jobs all over Israel . . .

What could be more absurd?

Again, the good news was that a child on the bus spotted the bomb and reported it. Otherwise, imagine what could have been.

Isn’t it time for Israeli security officials to wake up?


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