“Just a reflection of youthful insensitivity”

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Saturday, January 25 2014:

*A quick turn around the neighborhood of the “new Middle East” this evening:

The Iranian embassy official who was kidnapped last summer in Yemen was beheaded by his captors yesterday. At the same time, in Libya, four Egyptian diplomats were kidnapped. In Egypt, fighting has erupted in Cairo and near the Pyramids in Giza resulting in the deaths of at least 5 Muslim Brotherhood protesters. Meanwhile, the Egyptian Interior Minister blamed the current spate of riots on the Muslim Brotherhood and on Turkish PM Erdogan. Speaking of Erdogan, he continued his campaign yesterday of firing every judge and policeman in sight, thereby bringing what little is left of Turkish “democracy” to the breaking point.

*In an outrageous decision, Israel’s leading newspaper, Yediot  Ahronot, announced that it will be publishing the love letters of Heinrich Himmler. The letters, part of a trove of Himmler writings recently found in a vault in Tel Aviv, depict a “warmer side” of Himmler with letter closings such as “Love, Dein Hanni”(Love your Heinrich) and “Eur Pappi” (Your Daddy).  Dein Hanni, as we all know was Chief of German police and head of the Gestapo. Eur Pappi personally formed the Einsatzgruppen and constructed concentration camps that slaughtered more than 6,000,000 Jews.

And now we have to read his love letters?


The gruesome spirit of Himmler lives on around the world. 

Yesterday a group of school children in Durban, South Africa were taken on a school sponsored tour to the Durban Holocaust Memorial Centre.

After spending the morning viewing the exhibits and participating in a workshop, the students strolled outside for lunch and took a picture of themselves which they then posted to Facebook.

The picture was of the students giving the Nazi salute.

The students from south Durban at the Durban Holocaust Centre.

The students from south Durban at the Durban Holocaust Centre.

As offensive as the salute itself, was the attempt of the Holocaust Center Director to rationalize what they did. Mary Kluk said that while the photograph is “upsetting and inappropriate”, it was more “a reflection of youthful insensitivity” than “a malicious attempt to be offensive.” 

Say what?

And Kluk continued to bend over backwards to defend the students: “In their case, they have just spent the morning participating in a workshop and in an attempt to indicate some sort of reference to what they learned, they possibly used the most unfortunate gestures that are obviously deeply hurtful.”

To indicate “some sort of reference to what they learned”, they posed before the Holocaust Centre giving the Nazi salute?

We live in a world where there is no longer any right or wrong, any good or evil. No matter how abominable an individual’s or group’s behavior is, someone will always be there to rationalize it away.  







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