Kerry And Livni: Birds of a Feather Threaten Boycott Together

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Saturday, February 1 2014:

*Less than three hours ago at 3:16 pm, Israeli border security personnel intercepted a car full of terrorists at a checkpoint near Jenin. Their car was packed with explosives, machine guns, and ammunition.

*Less than six hours ago at around 1 pm, another group of Gazan terrorists neared the Gaza Border fence near Khan Younis only to be driven back by IDF soldiers. A number of the terrorists were shot in the legs.

*Less than 24 hours ago at 7:30 pm last night, terrorists in the Sinai launched at least one rocket against Eilat (residents reported hearing two explosions). The rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome battery that was placed in Eilat last week.


In advance of tomorrow’s meeting in Munich designed to exert ever more pressure on Israel in the form of threatened boycotts, divestments, and sanctions, American Secretary of State John Kerry racheted up the rhetoric yet again today.

Warning that the status quo cannot continue, Kerry again took Israel–and Israel alone– to task for the problems in reaching a ‘negotiated’ settlement: “There is momentary confidence in Israel, but this is an illusion. All that will change if the talks fail. The risks are very high for Israel. People talk about boycott. This will intensify in the event of failure.”

Isn’t it amazing how Kerry has created a supposed situation in which Israel will be exposed to greater dangers if Israel does not accept Kerry’s plan for solving the situation?

And what exactly is the big risk?

Boycott. Especially European boycott. A European boycott against Jews that is nothing new. A European boycott that began in the 1930s, went into hiding after World War 2, and is now back in full blossom.

Note who signed this call for "boykott."

Note who signed this call for “boykott.”

By the way, there was one person that Kerry praised endlessly yesterday and that was Tzipi Livni. Livni, as you may recall from her comments in recent weeks, is at the forefront of Israelis who are also threatening Israelis with increased boycotts. 

It seems trite to say so, but birds of a feather threaten boycott together. 


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