Who Is On The Front Line Against Palestinian Terrorism in Eastern Israel?

UPDATE 7 pm Israel, Thursday, February 13 2014:

As this blog is being a written, a huge demonstration involving thousands of Israelis is taking place near Jerusalem’s Mevasseret Adumim area–which is also known at the E-1 area. 

Part of the marchers a few hours ago as they wound their way toward Mevasseret Adumim (picture: Arutz Sheva).

Part of the marchers a few hours ago as they wound their way toward Mevasseret Adumim (picture: Arutz Sheva).

Led by members of the Knesset, leaders of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and rabbis, the demonstrators are expressing their belief that construction should begin immediately in Mevasseret Adumim.

Speaking for all of those present, Housing Minister Uri Ariel declared“The land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. There are people who believe that if they follow the dictates of the rest of the world in these matters we will have peace and quiet. We cannot surrender. The more we back down, the more they pressure us.”

Truth if ever spoken. 


The Biton car. It was a miracle that anyone survived (picture: israelhayom).

The Biton car. It was a miracle that anyone survived (picture: israelhayom).

It has now been almost a year since the horrific “rock” throwing attack on the Biton family as they traveled by car through Samaria. Readers of israelstreet will remember that “rocks” hitting the car’s windshield caused the driver, Adva Biton, to swerve into a truck and crash. At the same time, another “rock” crashed through a car window and hit 2-year-old Adelle Biton directly in the head.  

Since that moment, Adelle Biton has lain in a coma at the Lowenstein Hospital for Rehabilitation in Raanana. Her parents alternate staying at her bedside.

Today, Adva was in military court to testify against the five Palestinians who have admitted throwing the “rocks”. In her testimony, she encouraged the maximum punishment for the perpetrators:

“I have a girl but she doesn’t communicate; as far as I’m concerned it’s as if she’s living while dead. My girls [Adele’s sisters Avigail and Naama] live in trauma every day. Today I have an unconscious daughter. All the joys of life for a three-year-old child have disappeared. I meet people who have lost their loved ones and am not sure what’s better. .  . Our lives are in ruins.”

Your humble servant was thinking about the travails of the Biton family this afternoon just as the news came three hours ago that an Israeli bus carrying schoolgirls was attacked in Samaria between Yitzhar and Gilad Farm. 

Palestinian terrorists threw Molotov cocktails which struck the front of the bus and set it on fire, but fortunately the fire was extinguished quickly and none of the children on the bus were physically wounded.  One can only speculate, however, as to the degree of emotional trauma that each girl on the bus experienced. 

What if one of those Molotov cocktails had broken a window of the bus and set one of the girls on fire? Or what if the interior of the bus had been set ablaze?

And yet the atrocities carried out by Palestinians on a daily basis against the Israelis living in Judea and Samaria are almost never reported in the media. The public seems to have little taste for news of Jews being attacked and killed.

One last example: yesterday, it was amazingly revealed by the Operations Officer of the Central IDF Command that there were more than 200 Palestinian terrorist attacks against Jewish worshipers at Rachel’s Tomb just outside of Bethlehem during 2013. 119 of these attacks involved “explosives” including Molotov cocktails and IEDs.  

Think about that for a moment.

119 Palestinian attacks against Jewish worshipers involving “explosives.”

Adelle Biton, the girls on the school bus, the worshipers at Rachel’s Tomb–these are the people in eastern Israel who are on the front line against Palestinian terrorism. Were it not for them, the Palestinian terrorists would be in downtown Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Netanya.






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