Here We Go Again: Kerry To Demand More Israeli Concessions

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Wednesday, February 19 2014:

*Another tragedy was averted around noon today when an Israeli woman managed to drive her car to safety after being attacked by Palestinian terrorists near Elon Moreh. The woman, who was transporting four children in the car including two infants, was severely traumatized but suffered no physical injuries.

The windshield of the woman's car (picture: rotter).

The windshield of the woman’s car (picture: rotter).

*The Israeli Knesset passed the first reading (it takes three) of a new law that would prevent terrorists who are Israeli citizens from receiving national insurance benefits upon their release.

If you can believe this, dear reader, 5 of the Palestinian murderers released in the latest batch of terrorists live in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem and are citizens of Israel. Once released, they became eligible for an “acclimation stipend” and welfare checks. They can even apply for an additional benefit if they are unable to find a job within two months of their release. 

The new law would end this outrage. However, the law has little chance of passing because of Justice Minister Tzipi Livni. In the previous Knesset session, a similar law only passed after it was watered down into nonexistence by leftist legislators.


U.S. negotiators have released information that with the coming release of John Kerry’s so-called “framework for peace” will also come fresh and absurd demands for Israeli concessions.

One of the demanded concessions will be yet another freeze on construction of Jewish homes, schools, and health clinics in what Washington and the Israeli Left like to call “isolated West Bank settlements”.

Obscenely, Israeli negotiators seem predisposed to give Kerry what he wants. According to a report on Israeli Army Radio: “The Israeli side is well aware that the framework will not be enough to convince Mahmoud Abbas to remain at the negotiating table without Israel giving him something else.”

Can you believe this?

Give, give, give, in return for absolutely nothing. What concessions are the Palestinians ever expected to make? None. Zero. Zilch.

Why did and does PM Netanyahu agree to such absurdities? How did Israel ever buy into this ridiculous situation? 

Wasn’t it enough to unilaterally implement a 10 month construction freeze in 2010? Isn’t it enough to release 104 Palestinian murderers from Israeli prisons?

No. For Obama, and Kerry, and the United Nations, and the European Union, it is never enough. As soon as one Israeli concession has run its course, another concession must be extracted in order to placate the Palestinians.

So here we have another concession in the pipeline with no other purpose than to keep the Palestinians at the “negotiating” table where they refuse to negotiate.

Simply unbelievable. 



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