From Delusion to Disinformation: The Iranian “Talks” Continue

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Thursday, February 20 2014:

*The speaker of the so-called “Palestinian Parliament” (aka PLO/Fatah Legislative Committee) was in Tehran yesterday meeting with Iran’s “moderate” president Hassan Rouhani. 

Rouhani, the darling of the West and President Obama’s own personal tweetmate, issued this statement of peace following the meeting: “The Iranian people and nation support the oppressed people of Palestine and calls for the liberation of the Holy Quds (Jerusalem) from the yoke of Israel.” 


Speaking of Iran . . .

At first glance, it is difficult to see how the West could be any more delusional about Iran and its nuclear weapons development program. Almost every day, Iranian leaders issue bellicose statements about the fact that they will never agree to the dismantling of even one of their thousands of advanced centrifuges that–even as this blog is being written today–are busily churning out more refined uranium.

But almost as appalling as the apparent Western delusion is how that delusion has now become intertwined with the Western dissemination of blatant disinformation. We all remember how President Obama appeared at the White House to supposedly announce the details of the P5+1 agreement–only to have the Iranian foreign ministry immediately disavow everything that Obama said.

According to the Iranians, the “agreement” that Obama described was not the “agreement” that they signed. In the intervening time since the Obama declaration, the Iranians have continued to proclaim to anyone who is listening that they are not bound by any of the points Obama disseminated.

This morning we had more of the same from the Baroness Buffoon who heads the European Union’s Foreign Ministry, Catherine Ashton.

Describing the results of three days of talks between the P5+1 and Iran in Vienna, Ashton crowed: “We had three very productive days during which we identified all the issues we need to address There is a lot to do. It won’t be easy but we’ve made a good start.”

The P5+1 and Iran spent three days identifying “all the issues we need to address”? Is this supposed to be some kind of sick joke? The talks with Iran have been going on for over a decade. An agreement was supposedly just signed last month. And now we have had another three days identifying issues “we need to address”?

In your humble servant’s opinion, Ashton comments like those of Obama are nothing more than the rank dissemination of disinformation. False reports about what was agreed to and false reports of progress have become part and parcel of the nuclear talksnuclear talks that will undoubtedly stagger along for another decade as Iran develops its arsenal. 

In fact, it is hard to avoid reaching the conclusion that the talks have become nothing but a way of providing cover for the development of the Iranian nuclear program.

By the way, the next meeting is scheduled for March 17th at which time the Americans and European Union will again rush to the podium to declare progress–while the Iranian centrifuges continue turning.




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