Are They Children or Adults?

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Saturday, February 22 2014:

*Egyptian gunships opened fire today on supposed Gaza “fishermen” as they crossed the maritime border into Egypt.

*Another 67 Hezbollah fighters have been reportedly killed in Yabrud, Syria thereby increasing pressure on Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah to bring his fighters home. One of those killed was a cousin of Nasrallah–in fact, several members of Nasrallah’s extended family have been killed over the last few years as the brave Nasrallah remains holed up in his bunker in south Beirut.


It has been a day of Palestinian and leftist provocation in Judea and along the Gaza border.

At Tekoa in Judea, dozens of international “leftist” provocateurs showed up at the community’s property, carrying banners and chanting slogans that absurdly claimed that Tekoa is actually built on Palestinian land.  They were soon joined by Palestinians from nearby settlements carrying young olive tree seedlings.

The oddity is that the land around Tekoa is full of olive groves (your humble servant visited Tekoa last year) that were planted and are maintained by the community. What did the provocateurs do?  They began uproot the community’s olive trees and plant their own.

And what was the response of the community to the provocation today? To try to stop the uprooting and to plant more olive trees. Eventually the IDF showed up, declared the area of a closed military zone, and removed the provocateurs.

Moving to the Gaza border, massive throngs of Palestinian rioters again (this is now happening almost every day) approached the Gaza fence in an effort to break it down and infiltrate Israel. IDF soldiers responded by shooting warning shots in the air–and then aiming at the legs of the rioters.

12 rioters were wounded in the incidentall of whom were characterized as “children” by the Hamas propaganda machine. Below is a picture taken by one of the Palestinians today; your humble servant leaves it to you, dear reader, to make the determination if these rioters were adults or children.

You make the call: are these children or adults? (picture: Qattab).

You make the call: are these children or adults? (picture: Qattab).

Readers of this blog should remember that every hour of every day Israeli citizens and Israeli security personnel are confronted by Palestinian terrorism–a terrorism that is abetted by international lawbreakers.

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