What Kind of Peace Do Israelis Support?

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Friday, February 28 2014:

**Three cheers for Major Ziv Shilon and his bride to be Adi Sithon!! You may remember that then Captain Shilon was critically wounded last year in a bomb blast in a tunnel that led from Gaza into Israel.

Captain Shilon and his girlfriend Adi following the bomb blast in the Gaza tunnel.

Captain Shilon and his girlfriend Adi following the bomb blast in the Gaza tunnel.

At first it was thought that he wouldn’t survive, but following numerous operations including the amputation of his arm, he is now, remarkably, touring the United States as a representative of Friends of the IDF.

Last night, at a large 1500-person FIDF event in Miami, guest of honor Major Shilon ended his talk by surprising the audience and his girlfriend by proposing to her. To the joy of all present, she accepted.

Major Shilon and his bride-to-be last night.

Major Shilon and his bride-to-be last night.

**The Gaza borders have been busy today. On the Israel-Gaza border, three terrorist infiltrators were captured this morning, and a large mob of Palestinians were repelled from the border fence this afternoon. On the Egyptian-Gaza border, Hamas has mounted a huge demonstration against Egypt demanding that the Egyptians open the Rafah Crossing and that Egyptian soldiers stop targeting Hamas smuggling tunnels.

**Following the Israeli strike on the Hezbollah convoy several days ago, Israeli forces on the northern border with Lebanon have been put on highest alert. The government has apparently warned the Lebanese government that it will be held responsible for any Hezbollah missile strike against Israel.

**Following Hamas and Islamic Jihad calls for violence today, the Temple Mount has been closed to Muslims under the age of 50.

A Hamas flyer that appeared yesterday (picture: rotter).

A Hamas flyer that appeared yesterday (picture: rotter).

Of course, this has evoked absurd claims of discrimination from the Islamic Wakf that administers Islamic Affairs at Judaism’s holiest place.

**Positive news has come today about the number of African infiltrators who are leaving Israel. According to the National Immigration Authority 1, 705 Eritreans and Sudanese left the country in February. This compares with 765 who left in January, 325 in December, and 63 in November. Of course, this remains a drop in the bucket of the estimated 60,000 Africans who remain in the country illegally, but at least statistics are trending in the right direction.

The heart of the problem, however, is still south Tel Aviv where most of the infiltrators have made their home. The entire area has become a major crime center of the city.


It has become a ridiculous joke that every time John Kerry is on the verge of demanding more concessions from Israel, a new poll appears to support his efforts.

Most of the time, leftists turn to the Israel Peace Initiative Group to produce more statistics that seem to support their position. Yesterday, the latest poll results were trumpeted by two of Israel’s leading leftist newspapers, Haaretz and Yedioth Aharonot.

The poll’s headline was “an increasing majority of Israelis are now likely to support a regional peace agreement based on John Kerry’s presumed framework for peace and the Arab Peace Initiative.” Ostensibly, 63% of Israelis support those efforts.

But your humble servant had to laugh. Buried in the poll details were a few “pertinent” facts:

*Only 500 Israelis were sampled.

*Only native-Hebrew speakers were sampled. Native speakers of all other languages were specifically excluded.

*All ultra-orthodox Israelis were excluded.

In other words, a tiny number of Israelis were polled, and the most conservative Israelis of all were specifically excluded (by the way, at least half of all Israelis were automatically excluded just on linguistic and religious grounds).

And despite the fact that the leftist pollsters did everything they could to get the survey results they wanted: 

*Fewer than 50% of those sampled felt that were any solutions that would ensure Jewish religious access to holy sites.

*Fewer than 50% of those sampled felt that “eastern” Jerusalem should be the capital of a future Palestinian state.

*77% of those sampled said they believed that the Palestinians are not interested in reaching an agreement.

The bottom line is that–yesterday’s “poll” to the contrary–most Israelis do not support John Kerry or the Arab Peace Initiative.

What Israelis of all languages and religious beliefs support is real peace with a real partner for peace. 


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