Just Another Day In the Israel Security Forces

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Wednesday, March 5 2014:

In the midst of all the security news today (see below), life goes on in Israel with a new Miss Israel chosen last night, Mor Maman of Beersheva.


The 18 year old Mamam, a student of computer graphics and new recruit for the Israel Air Force, grew up extremely overweight, but decided at age 13 to turn her life around and lost 30 kilograms–even starting a Facebook group to help girls lose weight without becoming anorexic.

Mamam takes over the crown from Yityish Titi who was the first Ethiopian-born woman to be crowned Miss Israel. 


If you have ever wondered what the security forces of Israel do everyday, the events of the last 24 hours should give you a good example.

*It was announced this morning that IDF forces captured 11 wanted Palestinian terrorists in Judea and Samaria overnight in extremely dangerous operations. The capture of each terrorist involves an IDF patrol entering a high-risk area, locating the terrorist, capturing the terrorist, and then getting out of the area without coming under attack.

*Also last night, an undercover Arab-speaking IDF Duvdevan unit working in Hebron acting on intelligence provided by Shin Bet captured Ayoub al-Qawasmi, the commander of the Hamas’s military wing in Judea and Samaria. Qawasmi had been on Israel’s most wanted list since 1998 following his direction of terror attacks against Israelis before and during the 2nd intifada. Currently, Qawasmi has been trying to rebuild Hamas terrorist infrastructure in Judea and Samaria.

*Meanwhile, an IDF scout unit operating on the Israel Golan Heights this morning spotted two Hezbollah terrorists as they placed IEDs on the Syrian side of the border. The purpose of the IEDs was to blow up Israeli jeeps and convoys as they passed on the Israeli side. As the terrorists attempted to escape they were targeted by Israeli forces and killed. Perhaps the most dangerous part of this incident is the fact that Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists fighting in Syria are turning their attention to the Syrian-Israeli border.

*The biggest news of the day was the capture of the Panamanian-flagged ship (the Klos C) near Port Sudan that was carrying dozens of Iranian long-range missiles (range 200 km) bound for Gaza. 

A picture of one of the missiles taken this morning (picture source: ynet news).

A picture of one of the missiles taken this morning (picture source: ynet news).

Israeli commandos boarded the ship 1500 km from the Israeli coast, took control of its 17 person crew (of all nationalities), and are currently towing the boat to Eilat.

See if you can follow the circuitous path of the missiles.

1. They were made in Iran and then transported to Syria.

2. With the latest scrutiny on Syria, the missiles were flown out of Syria and back to Iran.

3. Once back in Iran they were taken to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas,  loaded into crates labeled “concrete” onto the Klos C, and shipped to Port Sudan where they would have then been offloaded and taken overland to Gaza.

All in all, the ship-capture is just another glaring example of how Iran thumbs its nose at the international community as it exports terrorism around the world. 

Judea and Samaria, the Israeli Golan Heights, far out at sea: no matter where you look, the IDF is always on the alert protecting Israel.  

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