“The Better They Will Die In Syria”

UPDATES 11 pm Israel time, Sunday, March 11 2014:

*The Iranian arms ship Klos C has finally made it to Eilat and its cargo has been offloaded. There were 40 M302 long-range missiles (with a range of more than 160 km), 181 122-millimeter mortar shells, and 400,000 7.62 bullets for Kalashnikov AK-47 rifles.

The M302’s with a range of over 100 miles would have put Haifa in the north and Eilat in the south within range of the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.

*Eight international, self-proclaimed “human rights activists” were arrested today near Ma’ale Adumim for assaulting Israeli police officers. In all, a total of 40 “peace activists” arrived at Kfar Adumin, tore down a fence surrounding an olive grove belonging to the community, then attacked police who came to take the trespassers off of community land. 

It’s the same old story of anti-Israel supposed “human rights activists” trampling all over the human rights of Jewish community members and Israeli police. 


An event happened today that sums up the entire Israeli-Palestinian problem exactly.

Some weeks ago, PLO Chairman and unelected Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issued an urgent appeal at the United Nations. Specifically, Abbas asked the Secretary General to persuade Israel to allow approximately 150,000 Palestinians living in the Yarmouk suburb of Damascus to enter Judea and Samaria.

Amazingly (and foolishly in your humble servant’s opinion), Israel agreed.

With one condition.

The 150,000 Palestinians would have to give up their supposed “right” to return to Israel. 

This morning, Abbas told reporters that the condition was unacceptable: “We refused–the better they will die in Syria than give up the right of return.”

Doesn’t this refusal say it all?

As we all know, the reason that the Palestinians will never accept a Jewish state of Israel is because that will make it impossible for “Palestinians” living in places like Syria to ever return to Israel.  The Palestinians will never accept a Jewish state of Israel because it will effectively put to an end their national myth–the myth that they were “illegally dispossessed” from “their land” in the first place.

And why should Abbas and the PLO care if 150,000 or so “Palestinians” die in Syria? After all, according to the UNRWA definition, more “Palestinian refugees” are being born all over the world every second of every day.


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