Forget About The Crimea and Focus on Israel

UPDATE 5 pm Israel time, Saturday, March 22 2014:

Elite Israeli forces consisting of the Border Guards, IDF, and Shin Bet carried out a raid in Jenin last night in search of a Palestinian Hamas terrorist, Hamza Abu Al-Hija.

Al-Hija, who had been wanted for months for planning terror attacks against IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians in Judea and Samaria, was the son of a major Hamas terrorist who is serving a life sentence in Israeli prison.

Notice your humble servant’s use of the past tense “was” the son.

As the security forces surrounded the Al-Hija’s location, he and his fellow terrorists responded to a call to surrender by opening fire. In the ensuing firefight, Al-Hija was killed and two Israeli soldiers were wounded. Three more terrorists also were killed either in the firefight itself or in the aftermath of the incident when local residents assaulted the troops with various weapons.

Three dead Palestinian terrorists being carried through the streets of Jenin this morning (picture: AFP).

Three dead Palestinian terrorists being carried through the streets of Jenin this morning (picture: AFP).


What is it about the European community? What is it that orders their priorities? What kind of dark motivation leads the Europeans to do nothing while Russia turns its occupation of the Ukrainian Crimea into outright annexation, and instead leads Europeans to focus obsessively on Israel?

The United Kingdom’s Minister of State for the Middle East and Africa Affairs, Hugh Robertson, issued the following laughable statement yesterday in response to Israel plans to build 2,372 apartments, schools, and health clinics in Judea and Samaria. It was a statement quickly echoed by other Europeans:

“I condemn the decisions taken by the Israeli authorities to advance a number of settlement plans in the occupied West Bank.┬áThe UK’s position on settlements is longstanding, they are illegal under international law, undermine trust and threaten the viability of the two-state solution.”*

The utter hypocrisy of falsely accusing Israel of illegal actions under international law while an area of Europe is being invaded by Russia is breathtaking. The utter pusillanimity of Europe in the face of such an invasion is nothing new.

*Addendum: Vocabulary primer of the day:

“settlement plans” are “living plans”

“the occupied West Bank” is “Judea and Samaria”

“settlements” are “Jewish communities”

“international law” (in this case) is “a false reading of the 4th Geneva Convention”


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