Obama Heads To Saudi Arabia: What Would Ed Glina Have Done?

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Tuesday, March 25 2014:

**Numerous incidents of Palestinian terrorism have occurred in the last 24 hours. A small sampling: 5 Molotov cocktails and IEDs were thrown at an IDF force near Abu Dis; Israeli motorists were assaulted with “rocks” beside Nehemiah Ariel, near Kiryat Arba, and north of Ofra on Route 60; a stabbing incident was averted near Jerusalem when a terrorist was captured with a knife that he intended to use to kill Israeli soldiers and civilians.

By the way, all of the above incidents (except the one in Jerusalem) occurred in Area C of Judea and Samaria.

**As you know, dear reader, Judea and Samaria was divided into Areas A, B, and C by the Oslo Accords back in the 1990s. Area A, in which 56% of all Palestinians live, is under total Palestinian security and Palestinian administration. Area B, in which 42% of all Palestinians live is under Palestinian Administration and Israeli security (note that 98% of all Palestinians who are supposedly “occupied” live under Palestinian administration). Area C, in which 2% of all Palestinians live is supposedly under Israeli Administration (the Civil Administration) and Israeli security. 

Yesterday, the State Control Committee took a tour of Area C because of a State Comptroller’s report concerning illegal Palestinian building in Judea and Samaria.  The Comptroller noted that some 35,000 illegal Palestinian structures have recently been built in Area C alone–structures which should have been torn down by the Civil Administration. 

After their tour, Committee chairman Amnon Cohen issued the understatement of the year: “It’s clear that the Civil Administration, which is supposed to be on top of this, is not doing its job responsibly.”

35,000 illegal Palestinian structures. The irony is that the only structures that ever get torn down in Area C are structures in Jewish communities. 

**The Arab League opened its summit today and wasted no time in issuing a final resolution that was written even before the summit began. According to the resolution, the Arab countries declare their “absolute and categorical refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.”

These are the same countries who are responsible for the Arab Peace Initiative so lovingly embraced by Barack Obama, John Kerry, and anti-Israel organizations everywhere.

**Once the Turkish elections are over this week, it appears that the Turks will be ready to “lower themselves” sign a compensation agreement with Israel concerning the Turkish terrorist boat Mavi Marmara.

One of many pictures of Israeli soldiers being beaten by Turkish terrorists on the Mavi Marmara (photo: IDF).

Two of many pictures of Israeli soldiers being beaten by Turkish terrorists on the Mavi Marmara (photo: IDF).

The absurdity of Israel agreeing to pay Turkey even one shekel of compensation is mind-numbing–and Israel has apparently agreed to pay some $20 million dollars.

As you recall, lightly armed Israeli commandoes acting in a completely legal operation were forced to act in self-defense when IHH terrorists on board the ship attacked them with knives, clubs, poles, and other weapons.

As Nitsana Darshan-Leitner (the head of the Shurat HaDin organization) said yesterday: “This is an unacceptable offer, you can’t compensate people who started war against you. The Turks sent ships to fight IDF soldiers in Israel’s territorial waters, that’s an act of war.”

This is just one more case as noted in the israelstreet blog yesterday of the current Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu groveling for approval on the world stage at the expense of the dignity of this country and every Israeli in it.


About 10 days ago, this blog recognized the actions of Ed Glina, a Canadian citizen who was aboard a Norwegian cruise liner that recently docked in Tunis. When Tunisian authorities refused to allow Israeli citizens to disembark for an excursion, Glina declared that he would refuse to set foot in Tunisia. 

Glina’s actions were followed up by the cruise line which later announced that it would no longer use Tunis as a port. More than this the Canadian government demanded explanations from the Tunisian government which subsequently and disingenuously apologized saying that the denial of Israeli disembarkation was all just a “bureaucratic mistake.”

Compare Ed Glina’s actions with those of Barack Obama yesterday.

Obama bowing to King Abdullah. Certainly Obama will not let a "trifle" like the denial of a visa rain on his parade (picture: Reuters).

Obama bowing to King Abdullah a few years ago. Certainly Obama will not let a “trifle” like the denial of a visa rain on his parade (picture: Reuters).

Obama will be in Saudi Arabia this week attempting to assuage the Saudi monarchy over his inept handling of the Iranian, Syrian, and Egyptian situations. As always, a significant number of Obama’s entourage will be journalists.

All of whom had their visas for entry in Saudi Arabia approved.

Except one.

Jerusalem Post White House reporter and Bureau Chief, Michael Wilner had his visa request denied.

When this was discovered, the Obama White House was at great lengths yesterday to point out at that U.S. National Security advisor Susan Rice and Obama assistant Tony Blinken had lodged protests with the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S.

To no avail. The Saudis have continued to refuse to issue a visa for Wilner. But Obama’s trip is continuing as planned. There apparently has been no thought whatsoever of canceling it. 

All of which leaves your humble servant to ask: “What would Ed Glina have done?”






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