“The National Homeland of the Jews”

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Saturday, March 29:

*Israel’s Syrian border continues to be the scene of increased terrorism with attempts yesterday to plant IEDs along the border fence and to infiltrate Israel. Fortunately, at least two armed terrorists were spotted by IDF troops and shot and killed.

It is fascinating that even as fighting has intensified along the Syrian side of the border between Syrian Army troops and primarily al-Qaeda rebels, both sides seem to be turning some of their focus to Israel.

And why? It serves both of their purposes if Israel is drawn into the war. Assad would like nothing more than to distract attention from his barbarism and redirect it to the “Zionist” threat, while the “rebel” groups would thrive in the chaos that might ensue.

*By the way, another surreal resolution from the United Nations Human Rights Council yesterday condemned Israel for its treatment of Syrians on the Golan Heights.  

Yes, you read that correctly. Assad has now slaughtered about 150,000 Syrians, and the UNHRC is condemning Israel–that has been doing nothing except trying to save Syrians wounded by Assad’s war. 


London’s Al-Hayat newspaper has reported the following this morning concerning John Kerry’s newest diplomatic flurry–a flurry which seems to take precedence over both the Obama trip to Saudi Arabia and the Russian annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea:

Kerry has suggested that the Palestinians recognize that “Israel is the homeland of the Jews” instead of recognizing that “Israel is a Jewish state.” Furthermore, the U.S. has agreed that the Palestinians can defer such recognition until the signing of a permanent agreement. In return for these changes, the Palestinians are being asked to agree that their capital would be established in “parts of East Jerusalem.”

Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians have rejected Kerry’s initiative.

Al-Hayat also reports that the Palestinians have also rejected Kerry’s “framework” for “peace”, claiming that the framework as described would weaken “the rights” of the Palestinians,  but that Israel has expressed enthusiasm for such a “framework.”

No, no, and no. One wonders how many times the Palestinians have to say it before John Kerry and Barack Obama get it? Given that it has been the Palestinian refrain since time immemorial, your humble servant would have thought the White House and State Department would have surely gotten it by now.

And now that the 4th Palestinian murderer release has not taken place as planned (though your humble servant has no doubt that at least some of these murderers will be released shortly), where do we go from here?

Where Mahmoud Abbas and his fellow PLO terrorists always wanted to go anyway–to their friends in the United Nations and European Union.

But in the spirit of John Kerry, your humble servant thought that he would close today’s blog by offering some different formulations of the recognition phrase. How about:

The National Homeland that the Jews Want


The National Homeland that the Palestinians Are Giving the Jews 


The Wannabe Jewish State of Israel


Palestine: Which Includes the National Homeland of the Jews


The Jewish State That No One Except Israelis Wants To Recognize 


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