The IDF Revolutionizes the Battlefield with the “Patzmi”

UPDATES 6 pm Israel time, Friday, April 4 2014:

What can your humble servant say about the apparent end of the “peace talks”?

We have always known and written that the second that Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO thought they had gotten every Palestinian murderer they could out of Israeli prisons, they would immediately bail out of the “talks” and head to the United Nations. And so they have.

We have always known and written that the game that Benjamin Netanyahu was playing was a losing one–that the second Abbas and the PLO bailed out, Israel would be blamed for the failure of the talks. And so Israel has.

If there is anything new at all, it is merely the way that the wraps have come off and the Palestinians have revealed the depth of their delusion.  There is not much one can do when reading the latest list of Palestinian demands except shake one’s head and laugh:

1. the release of 1200 more Palestinian “prisoners”

2. written Israeli recognition of the 1949 Armistice Lines as the borders of Palestine

3. the making of “East” Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

4. the handing over of sovereignty of parts of Area C of Judea and Samaria to the PLO

5. the cessation of Israeli policy which permits “hot pursuit” of terrorists into Areas A and B of Judea and Samaria

And, and, and . . .

Even the Palestinians seemed to have awakened today to how ridiculous the above demands look, and thus we have Saeb Erekat, the same Erekat who boasted a few days ago that he would make every Israeli official “a war criminal”, now stating that the above demands emanated from the PLO and not from Mahmoud Abbas’s office.

Say what? Mahmoud Abbas is the Chairman of the PLO.

Don’t be surprised if the coming days see Abbas and the PLO backpedaling and scrambling to get John Kerry back on board.


Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have fired 5 missiles at southern Israel in the last 24 hours–most recently about six hours ago at the Chof Ashkelon region just south of the city of Ashkelon. The IAF has responded by hitting empty buildings that supposedly housed Hamas training facilities.

In the last two weeks, the IDF has announced two new weapons systems designed to take care of the missile problem emanating from Gaza. First, Israel is now on the verge of deploying the “Iron Beam”–a laser system which supposedly shoots down low trajectory rockets like “flies.”

The second system is “Patzmi” (an acronym based on the Hebrew word for “mortar”–which might be translated into English as “Morty”).

Coming to a terrorist rocket launcher soon (picture YNet).

Coming to a terrorist rocket launcher soon (picture YNet).

Your humble servant is a particular fan of Patzmi because I have often thought that every time a rocket or mortar is fired out of Gaza, a return missile or mortar should be fired back at the Palestinians. Patzmi is a system that uses a GPS-guided mortar shell produced by Israel Military Industries.

The advantages of Patzmi over other weapons such as Tammuz missiles are that it operates in bad weather because it does not rely on electro-optics, and it is cheap.

Here are the specs:

(Graphic: Ynet News).

(Graphic: Ynet News).

The Patzmi is already being deployed into IDF infantry battalions around Gaza.

As one IDF spokesman said in an interview with Yediot Aharonot:  “Mortar shells were always considered an inaccurate weapon that hit only the target area and not the target itself. Turning the mortar shell into an accurate weapon with the help of GPS is a real revolution.” 

Let’s hope so.





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