“Poof, that was the moment.”

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Wednesday, April 9 2014:

*At 1:02 pm this afternoon, Israeli residents of the Chof Ashkelon region were sent running for their lives to bomb shelters as incoming rocket sirens sounded. The IDF immediately trotted out its usual list of “it was a false alarm” followed by “the rocket landed in Gaza” followed by “the location of the ‘fall’ has yet to be identified.”

*Overnight, the IDF uncovered two IEDs in a Palestinian home in Jenin. Meanwhile, the last 24 hours have seen Palestinian terrorist “rock” throwing in such places as: Beit Ummar, Hebron, the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem, Dir Nizam, and the Hawara intersection referred to in yesterday’s blog about Yitzhar.

*The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) issued yet another report on what it calls “the occupied Palestinian territory” yesterday. This particular report blathered that Palestinian violence against women was not primarily attributable to Palestinian men but rather to the combination of “decades of Israeli occupation” and even more ludicrously to “the different forms of resistance used by the Palestinians against such use of force [by Israelis].”

Your humble servant supposes that Palestinian males first try out Palestinian terrorism on Palestinian women before using it to “resist” the evil Israeli “occupiers.”

*In an equally ridiculous contortion of logic as that used by the UNHRC, Tzipi Livni blamed the violence in Yitzhar yesterday on the breakdown of “talks” between Palestinians and Israelis.

To hear Livni describe it, the talks with the Palestinians are all about preserving Israel’s Jewish and democratic character–and the Yitzhar community members who resisted the destruction of community homes and then vandalized an IDF outpost want to overturn that character.

How can anyone possibly claim that the Yitzhar residents do not want a Jewish state of Israel, or claim that they have not worked within the democratic institutions of Israeli government to establish their community?  Your humble servant would simply like to ask what you would do, dear reader, if you saw homes in a community you had fought desperately hard to establish in the midst of Palestinian terrorism, being demolished by the Israeli Civil Administration?

Every person who attacked IDF soldiers with rocks and everyone who vandalized the IDF outpost should be punished–but not Jewish and not democratic?

*The Iranian nuclear “talks” are going just as this blog has chronicled for years.  The Grand Poobah himself, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared yesterday that “These negotiations should continue but all should know that negotiations will not stop or slow down any of Iran’s activities in nuclear research and development.”

And the centrifuges continue spinning . . . while the “talks” give the world cover to continue doing business with Iran.

*PM Netanyahu has ordered his cabinet ministers to cease all high-level contacts with the Palestinians following the PLO rush to the U.N.  In essence, Netanyahu’s dictate is meaningless inasmuch as Netanyahu excluded the ongoing security contacts necessary to continue to prop up Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO–and the pathetic efforts of Tzipi Livni with her bestie Saeb Erekat.


The buzz on the Israeli street today is all about “Poof”.

Yesterday, in testimony before the U.S. Congress, Secretary of State John Kerry again accused Israel of undermining the “peace process”. Whereas his initial comments several days before had focused on Israel’s refusal to release the final batch of 26 Palestinian murderers, his newest blast focused on proposed Israeli construction in the Gilo neighborhood of Israel.

According to Kerry, he and his minions had nearly rescued the talks from the Israel “prisoner refusal”, when they were “blindsided” by the Gilo decision:

“A day went by. Day two went by. Day three went by. And then in the afternoon, when they [the so-called “negotiators”] were about to maybe get there, 700 settlement units were announced in Jerusalem and, poof, that was the moment.”

“Poof, that was the moment.”

Never mind that Israel has never agreed to stop building housing in its eternal capital; never mind that the Palestinians ran to the United Nations; never mind that Israel made concession after concession to the PLO just to get them to “talk”; never mind that the Palestinians have never made a single compromise–never mind any of this, for John Kerry, the blame for his abysmal failure rests squarely on Israel. 

“Poof, that was the moment.”

All Israelis are scratching their heads today as they think about all of the moments they have reached out to the Palestinians for peace since the founding of modern Israel–most recently with the current effort, the Olmert offer in 2007-8, and the Barak offer in 2000, and–and how the Palestinians have walked away from every such moment. 

“Poof, that was the moment.”

What most Israelis are thinking this evening is that “Poof” the moment has come for John Kerry to stop wasting everyone’s time in Israel.

Maybe the time has come for Kerry to remain in Washington and formulate a foreign policy for the White House to replace the incoherent one that has plunged the prestige of the United States to an unprecedented low–and, in the process, is destabilizing the world.  






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