The Murder of Baruch Mizrahi: A Targeted Assassination?

UPDATES 7 pm Israel time, Wednesday, April 16 2014:

**The communities along the Gaza border continue to be subject to a rain of terror every day and every night–and no mainline media source, neither Israeli nor international, reports the constant missile attacks.

In the last 24 hours, at least seven more missiles struck the Chof Ashkelon region, a region that runs south from Ashkelon to Gaza. In fact, the first attack was a barrage of at least six missiles that we only know about because of the sirens that went off in the communities and the explosions (ranging from 6 to 12, this blog has taken the conservative number) that the residents reported afterwards in internet discussion forums .

The second attack occurred just after midnight. Imagine being in your home, asleep, and the loud piercing whine of sirens suddenly jolts you awake and sends you running to your bomb shelter. What do you think is the effect of this happening night after night? On adults? On children?

Where is the reportage? Where is the outrage? Where in the world is the IDF?

Nowhere to be seen or heard.

**Just as the missiles raining down on southern Israel receive no international media coverage, so has the war that has taken place on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem over the last 48 hours received no coverage.

Essentially what has taken place is an attempted armed Hamas takeover of the Mount. Beginning just before Passover, Hamas terrorists were escorted onto the Mount by the Islamic Wakf. Once there, they barricaded themselves in the Al-Aksa Mosque and immediately began to throw and fire all sorts of “projectiles” out of the building (click here for video).

The Jerusalem Police have responded with tear gas, but have not dared to enter the Mosque to arrest the lawbreakers. And, in the process, the terrorists have succeeded in their mission–to close down the Mount to all Jews attempting to be on the Temple Mount for the Passover holiday.

Unbelievable. Do you think the police would have stood still for a minute if Jewish terrorists had taken over a synagogue or Christian terrorists had taken over a church and were using them as a base for attacks?  But when it comes to the Muslims–suddenly, the Jerusalem Police cower in fear.

The situation is absolutely pathetic.


The more information comes out about yesterday’s murder of an Israeli motorist near Hebron, the more questions are raised in your humble servant’s mind.

The most important question is simply: “was the murder a targeted assassination?”

It turns out that the man killed was no ordinary motorist. He was Chief Police Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi.

Mizrahi with his wife Hadas and their five children (picture: walla).

Mizrahi with his wife Hadas and their five children (picture: walla).

Mizrahi was the famed head of the SIGINT Intelligence and Investigations Division. In his position, he played a major role in combating Palestinian terrorism throughout Judea and Samaria. Obviously, he would have been a high priority target for anyone attacking Israeli security forces.

And yet no one seems to be mentioning any of this today. We are supposed to believe that a Palestinian terrorist armed with a Kalashnikov suddenly appeared at a turn in the road, randomly targeted Mizrahi’s car, sprayed the car with bullets, and then vanished (he has yet to be captured).

Again your humble servant would suggest that the above version of events defies credulity.

As was reported yesterday, Mizrahi’s wife Hadas was also wounded, as was the couple’s nine year old son. This is Hadas’ account of what happened:

“We passed the Tarqumia checkpoint and a traffic circle, and then Baruch saw a terrorist. He told me, ‘they’re shooting, they’re shooting, they’re shooting. There’s a terrorist.’ Baruch put his foot down on the gas pedal. I felt a pain in my back. I told the kids, ‘take off your seatbelts and lie down on the floor’. I took the steering wheel, shifted into low gear and used the handbrake to reduce the speed. I used a rag to wipe up the blood; I saw that Baruch was dead. When the soldiers arrived, I told them to dress my wounds and put the children in a protected vehicle, so that they didn’t see their father lying dead.”

Baruch Mizrahi was buried today on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem.

Mizrahi's body arrives on Mt. Herzl today with a police honor guard (picture walla).

Mizrahi’s body arrives on Mt. Herzl today with a police honor guard (picture walla).

He was extolled as a Zionist patriot who loved nothing more than this family and his country.

May his memory be blessed.





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